4-Seater Dune Buggy Dubai

Dubai’s 4-seater dune buggies provide an amazing off-road ride in the magnificent desert scenery. These strong and elegant vehicles are made to easily handle the difficult desert terrain while offering passengers comfort and excitement.

These dune buggies are prepared to take on Dubai’s enormous sand dunes due to their strong construction and powerful engines. They provide a special chance for friends or family to get together over an exhilarating experience while relaxing in the gorgeous surroundings.

Skilled operators of these buggies take the lead, guaranteeing an exciting and secure journey through the rolling dunes. Typically, the dune buggy tours stop at beautiful vantage spots where visitors may take in the desert’s splendour and cherish the moments they spend there.

If you’re planning a family trip to Dubai, don’t miss out on the exhilarating four-seater dune buggy rides we offer. Our packages are incredibly budget-friendly, ensuring an unforgettable experience without breaking the bank. Quad Bike Dubai is always prepared to welcome visitors with exceptional services that promise unforgettable moments. Why wait any longer? Join us for an adventure you’ll cherish!

Four Seater Dune Buggy Rental Dubai

Dune Buggy Rental Tour Dubai | Enjoy Dune Buggy In Red Dunes

Four Seater Polaris Dune Buggy RZR


DurationNew PriceOld Price
30 Minutes 750 AED | 210 USD 1100 AED
1 Hour 1100 AED | 310 USD1550 AED
2 Hours 1800 AED | 500 USD 2600 AED
Desert Safari Dubai with Open Desert Four Seater Can-Am Maverick Dune Buggy Dubai Up To 30% Off

Four Seater Can-Am Maverick Buggy


DurationNew PriceOld Price
30 Minutes 1100 AED | 310 USD 1600 AED
1 Hour 1900 AED | 540 USD2700 AED
2 Hours 2900 AED | 810 USD 4100 AED
Four Seater Kawasaki Dune Buggy 800 CC

Four Seater Kawasaki Dune Buggy


DurationNew PriceOld Price
30 Minutes 550 AED | 155 USD 780 AED
1 Hour 900 AED | 250 USD1280 AED
2 Hours 1450 AED | 400 USD 2050 AED

Four-Seater Dune Buggy Rental Dubai Price List

Four-Seater Dune Buggy Rental in Red Dunes

Four Seater Dune Buggy Types in Dubai

A. Four-Seater Polaris RZR RS 1000 CC Dune Buggy Dubai

In Dubai, the Four-Seater Polaris RZR RS 1000 CC Dune Buggy is the pinnacle of off-road thrill and exploration. Moreover, it is designed with thrill-seekers in mind. This high-performance buggy provides an unmatched experience deep within the desert.

With the tremendous power of its robust 1000 CC engine, the Polaris RZR RS lets you easily navigate the sand dunes. Its four-seater size makes it the perfect option for friends as well as family seeking to go on an exciting trip together.

The Polaris RZR RS stands out due to its outstanding design, which was created for off-road leadership. Its suspension system offers stability and control even in the roughest environments. This ensures a smooth but exhilarating ride over the difficult desert terrain.

Exploring the Dubai desert aboard this dune buggy is an adventure unlike any other. The panoramic vistas, the exhilarating rush of acceleration, and the freedom to navigate through the undulating dunes create an experience that’s both thrilling and awe-inspiring.

Guided by experienced drivers, these tours offer a perfect balance of safety and excitement. The Polaris RZR RS 1000 CC Dune Buggy tours in Dubai guarantee an unforgettable journey, combining the adrenaline rush of off-road exploration with the breathtaking beauty of the desert landscape. It’s an opportunity to create lasting memories while indulging in an adventure that resonates with the spirit of exploration and exhilaration.

B. Four Seater CAN-AM RS RR Turbo Maverick 1000 CC Dune Buggy Dubai

The Four-Seater CAN-AM RS RR Turbo Maverick 1000 CC Dune Buggy in Dubai redefines desert exploration. It’s not just a buggy; it’s an adventure machine blending power and excitement. With its robust 1000 CC engine, this buggy dominates Dubai’s challenging terrain effortlessly. Its spacious four-seater design welcomes families and friend groups seeking thrilling experiences together.

What sets the CAN-AM RS RR Turbo Maverick apart is its cutting-edge tech and design. It’s built to conquer the rugged desert, promising an exhilarating yet controlled ride. Each journey on this buggy combines speed and stability for an adrenaline rush.

Riding the CAN-AM RS RR Turbo Maverick 1000 CC Dune Buggy in Dubai is like embarking on a thrilling desert expedition. Skilled drivers ensure safety without dampening the excitement, guiding you through this powerful machine’s capabilities.

These tours aren’t just rides; they’re unforgettable adventures etched with the spirit of exploration. Experience Dubai’s breathtaking desert in a way that’s thrilling and leaves you with lasting memories of a remarkable journey.

Feel free to secure your CAN-AM RS Turbo Maverick 1000 CC Dune Buggy adventure in Dubai through Quad Bike Dubai at your convenience. Reach out to us via WhatsApp to explore exclusive discount packages tailored just for you. We’re here and ready to make your desert escapade an unforgettable experience

C. Four Seater Kawasaki 800 CC Dune Buggy Dubai

The Four-Seater Kawasaki 800 CC Dune Buggy stands out as a symbol of unbridled excitement and wild adventure in the golden heart of Dubai’s desert. This dune buggy is more than simply a car. It’s an exciting vehicle made to skillfully navigate the dunes.

This 800 CC beast is built with the accuracy and power that Kawasaki is known for. It mixes agility with toughness. With enough for four people, it turns your desert adventure into a group adventure that’s perfect for families and groups looking for a collective surge of adrenaline.

The Kawasaki 800 CC Dune Buggy is special because it’s great at handling the sandy desert. Moreover, it moves smoothly and feels powerful, making the ride really exciting. Riding it through the dunes is like dancing—it’s thrilling and feels like you’re in control.

Going on a trip with the Kawasaki 800 CC Dune Buggy in Dubai is more than just a ride. It’s like painting a picture of adventure! Feeling the wind in your hair while surrounded by the calm desert makes every moment special. You’ll feel so free and discover new things around every corner.

With our skilled drivers leading the way, the Kawasaki 800 CC Dune Buggy tours are super safe and thrilling. These trips promise an unforgettable adventure in Dubai’s desert. You’ll explore the landscape and make awesome memories with friends and family, feeling the excitement of real adventure every step of the way.

D. Four Seater Customize Dune Buggy Dubai 1000 CC to 3000

In Dubai, the Four-Seater Customized Dune Buggy, with a capacity ranging from 1000 CC to 3000 CC, provides an unequaled off-road journey tailored to your thrill-seeking needs. These specially designed buggies are made to accommodate a wide range of tastes, guaranteeing each adventurer an exhilarating experience.

The ability to customize these dune buggies is what makes them unique; riders may choose from a variety of engine capacities, ranging from a powerful 1000 CC to a powerful 3000 CC. Moreover, this variation in engine power provides a tailored experience for varying degrees of off-road adventure intensity and competence.

These customized buggies’ adaptability makes for a one-of-a-kind and personalized experience. There’s an option to fit your comfort and excitement levels, whether you’re a novice looking for a more peaceful ride with a 1000 CC engine or an experienced off-roader needing the power and speed of a 3000 CC engine.

Riding these specially designed four-seater dune buggies over the desert is an exciting and liberating experience. It’s an opportunity to create lasting memories and connections while indulging in an adventure that echoes the spirit of personalized off-road excitement and exploration.

Dune Buggy Rental Dubai Duration

 30 Minutes 4-Seater Dune Buggy Dubai

Quad Bike Dubai, a leading tour company in Dubai, boasts an array of thrilling desert activities, including the dynamic Four-Seater Dune Buggy rental for short-term adventurers. In just 30 minutes, experience the desert’s excitement and beauty.

Renting our four-seater dune buggy is perfect if you’re short on time but craving a desert adventure. Our experienced guides offer detailed driving instructions, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride. Plus, we prioritize your safety by providing essential safety equipment.

This rental offers a quick yet exhilarating glimpse into Dubai’s desert landscapes, allowing you to savor the thrill without committing to a lengthy excursion. Get ready to rev up your exploration of the desert with Quad Bike Dubai’s 30-minute Four-Seater Dune Buggy rental!

1 Hour Four Seater Dune Buggy Rental Dubai

With our four-seater dune buggy rental in Dubai for one hour, you can explore the desert at full speed! This extended rental gives you plenty of time to explore the fascinating desert landscapes, making it perfect for those looking for a more immersive vacation.

Experience the thrill of driving across the dunes while handling the terrain in our four-person buggy. This rental makes sure that everyone experiences the excitement of off-roading, whether you’re a group of friends looking for adventure or a family looking for a fun-filled day out.

Before you ever set foot on the dunes, our knowledgeable guides give you thorough instructions to ensure a thrilling and safe ride. There is safety equipment available for your comfort. Embrace the freedom of the desert and make unforgettable moments with Quad Bike Dubai during this action-packed 1-hour dune buggy rental!

2 Hours Four Seater Dune Buggy Rental Dubai

Set out on an extended desert escapade with our 2-hour Four-Seater Dune Buggy Rental in Dubai! This rental option provides an immersive experience, allowing you to delve deeper into the mesmerizing desert landscapes.

Explore the vast dunes, enjoying the freedom and excitement of off-road adventure in our four-seater buggy. Whether it’s a family outing or a group adventure, this extended rental ensures ample time for everyone to soak in the thrill.

Our seasoned guides offer comprehensive instructions, ensuring a safe yet exhilarating ride across the desert terrain. Safety equipment is provided to ensure a worry-free exploration. With the flexibility of a 2-hour rental, you’ll have the opportunity to discover more of Dubai’s stunning desert, creating unforgettable moments and reveling in the sheer joy of off-road exploration with Quad Bike Dubai!

4 Hours Four Seater Dune Buggy Rental Dubai

Discover the desert for longer with our 4-hour Four-Seater Dune Buggy Rental in Dubai! It’s great if you want more time to explore. With four hours to play, you can really dive into the fun of off-road adventure in our four-seater buggy. Whether you’re with family or friends, this rental makes sure you have a big, unforgettable trip through the desert.

Our guides will show you how to ride safely for an exciting experience. And we’ll give you all the safety gear you need for a worry-free ride.

This 4-hour rental gives you plenty of time to see all the amazing parts of Dubai’s desert. So, get ready to make awesome memories and enjoy the freedom of exploring off-road with Quad Bike Dubai!

Dubai Dune Buggy Tour Includes

1. Dune Buggy

A dune buggy is a small off-road vehicle designed to ride on dunes, deserts, and other rough sandy landscapes. It consists of one seat that usually fits just the driver. These open-air, lightweight dune buggies have a straightforward design and frequently have big, balloon-like tires that help them get a grip in the sand. They provide a fascinating and daring method to explore sandy terrains, which is why they are popular for recreational off-roading. Dune buggies are well-known for their agility and the excitement they offer when going through difficult terrain, such as dunes.

Have you experienced it before? If not then pack your bags and plan an adventurous trip now because Quad Bike Dubai brings exclusive offers on renting a dune buggy in the Dubai desert.

2. Automatic gear

Manual or automated transmissions are available for dune buggies. In a dune buggy with an automatic gearbox, you don’t need to physically shift gears. It makes driving easier as well as more accessible for people who aren’t trained in manual gearboxes.

In a dune buggy with automatic gear, you can concentrate on navigating and managing the vehicle instead of worrying about the extra difficulty of clutch control and manual gear shifts. This is very helpful while driving in challenging off-road conditions. Additionally, it is not necessary to concentrate on obstacles such as dunes or uneven ground. Driving can be smoother and more enjoyable when the automatic gearbox takes care of the gear changes.

3. Off-Road Helmets

Off-road helmets are a great safety precaution for dune buggy excursions. Off-road helmets are made specifically to shield riders from harm when engaging in risky off-road activities like driving dune buggies. Moreover, these helmets are appropriate for rough terrain since they have features that offer increased comfort and protection.

Quad Bike Dubai prioritizes the safety and well-being of our customers. So we offer helmets to wear while riding a dune buggy. Our dedication to safety is crucial to ensuring that every person has a fun and safe experience.

4. Goggles

A must-have safety item for dune buggy rides is goggles. They act as eye protection, covering the rider’s eyes from many substances that may be encountered when going off-road. These durable eyepieces are made to keep sand, dust, and other particles away from the eyes, guaranteeing a clear field of vision and lowering the possibility of eye irritation or damage.

Additionally, we provide these protective eyewear not only to increase your safety, but also to make your riding experience more pleasant and enjoyable.

5. Gloves

Gloves are a vital part of our dune buggy safety equipment, having a dual purpose of keeping your hands clean and safe throughout your off-road journey. Sand, dust, and other debris may be stirred up as you tear across the desert terrain, putting your hands at risk for abrasions, discomfort, or damage. Moreover, you can concentrate on the excitement of the ride since our gloves act as a shield against these factors, keeping your hands safe and clean.

6. Professional & Trained Experienced Tour Guide

In addition to the exhilarating ride, our dune buggy tours offer the chance to explore the captivating desert scenery under the guidance of our experienced, certified tour guides.

Our tour guides are not just off-road driving professionals. They are also enthusiastic about the desert and its unique environment. They offer insightful information about the history, ecology, and animals of the desert, as well as the significance of protecting this unique ecosystem. Their expertise guarantees that your trip will be educational as well as thrilling.

7. Mineral water

We offer free mineral water to keep you fresh and energized during your dune buggy journey. It’s important to stay hydrated, particularly in the dry climate of the desert. We promise that our revitalizing mineral water will keep you relaxed and energetic the whole way. Our main objectives are safety and well-being, and supplying water is one way we look after our members. So you can concentrate on the thrill of the ride, knowing that hydration is available.

Dubai Dune Buggy Tour Exclude

1. Camel Ride

In addition to our exhilarating dune buggy trips, we offer camel rides for an extra fee, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the desert’s wonderful ambiance. This one-of-a-kind experience allows you to travel like the ancient desert nomads, riding these amazing horses.

Additionally, when you gently sway on the back of a camel, you may get a closer look at the ancient customs of the desert. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to boost your desert experience and take advantage of all the thrill and tranquility this incredible location has to offer.

2. Quad Biking

You can experience the thrill of off-roading on all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) across the challenging landscapes and trails of quad biking. While taking in breathtaking scenery, riders can feel the rush of speed and control. It’s important to know that we offer this service at additional charges.

These additional expenses may include gas, park admission fees, guided tours, or the renting of safety equipment. Before setting off on your quad bike journey, make sure to ask about any additional fees to make sure everything runs smoothly and you have fun. For those who enjoy extreme sports, quad riding is an excellent investment because of its unmatched thrill and excitement, even though these additional costs may raise the final cost.

3. Dune Bashing in Red Dunes

We also offer dune bashing along with the dune buggy ride. Dune bashing is an exhilarating desert activity that entails driving off-road vehicles through the undulating sand dunes of arid regions such as the Arabian Desert. Though it looks like an amazing experience, you should be aware of its extra costs.

Dune bashing is an unforgettable experience that is well worth the additional expenses, given the excitement of scaling enormous sand dunes and taking in breathtaking desert panoramas.

4. Dune Buggy Photography

Dune buggy photography is a wonderful way to record the thrilling moments of your off-road desert trip. Whether you’re traversing the Sahara’s towering sand dunes or exploring the American Southwest’s arid landscapes, the distinctive beauty and adrenaline of the ride provide fantastic photo opportunities.

However, it’s important to know that you can avail this service at additional costs. Moreover, we have professional photographers who ensure you get your best pictures. These photographs will make your trip truly unforgettable.

5. Falcon Picture

When you go on our exciting dune buggy ride, you can also take cool pictures with a beautiful falcon in the desert. But there’s something you need to know: it costs extra. It’s a special chance to hold a falcon and take pictures, and it’s a unique part of our desert adventure. Even though it costs more, it’s totally worth it because you get to make amazing memories and photos with these incredible birds. Just ask about the price beforehand so you can plan for this awesome photo opportunity.

6. Horse Riding

Horseback riding is an exciting outdoor activity that can be an excellent addition to your adventure. No matter your level of experience, riding provides a special chance to bond with the natural world and these amazing creatures. Our facility offers knowledgeable guides and well-trained horses to guarantee a fun and safe trip.

Please note that we offer horse riding at additional charges. Moreover, as you become closer to your horse and make priceless memories, stroll along the charming paths and peaceful surroundings. So, saddle up and go on an unforgettable horseback ride during your vacation.

7. Arabic Traditional Costumes

Think about wearing traditional Arabic attire to immerse oneself in the vivid and rich Middle Eastern culture. We provide a special chance for you to wear these magnificent clothes and embody the spirit of Arabian culture while you’re here. We provide an extensive selection of clothing, with sophisticated kanduras and dishdashas for men as well as stunning jalabiyas and abayas for ladies.

These outfits serve as more than just clothes; they are symbols of history and culture. There are additional costs involved with this.

Excursions in Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai has several interesting activities to choose from that suit a wide range of preferences. Among the most unique experiences are desert safaris. It provides exhilarating dune bashing, thrilling camel rides, and captivating sunset views. Explore the old town’s souks, which are teeming with bright spices, textiles, and local crafts, for a flavor of traditional culture.

In addition, discover the underwater delights at the Dubai Aquarium or marvel at the architectural masterpieces such as the Burj Khalifa. Furthermore, boat travels along the coast and hot air balloon rides above the desert provide distinct viewpoints of this vibrant metropolis. Adventurers and culture vultures alike can find plenty to interest their curiosity on Dubai’s excursions, which offer a diverse range of experiences.

1. Private Desert Tour with Four Seater Dune Buggy Dubai

With our Private Desert Tour, which offers the excitement of a four seater dune buggy in Dubai, you may set out on a private desert experience. We’ll handle everything if you only bring your own car and arrive whenever is most convenient. For pick-up and drop-off, we provide a private 4×4 car, ensuring individual comfort throughout the way. Enjoy the sense of exhilaration that comes with personalized dune bashing. After that, climb on our specially designed four seater dune buggy for an exciting journey across the captivating desert landscape. Our Private Desert Tour, which prioritizes privacy and individualized experiences, promises to take you and your friends on an amazing journey across Dubai’s breathtaking scenery, making lasting memories.

2. Desert Camel Tour with Four Seater Dune Buggy Dubai

Explore the desert in two amazing ways with our Desert Camel Tour in Dubai! You get to pick: a short camel ride to enjoy the desert vibes or a longer ride for a deeper adventure. After your camel journey, hop into our special four seater dune buggy for an exciting ride through the stunning desert views. Moreover, our tour caters to all tastes, blending cultural delights with exciting adventures. You can even opt for longer camel rides if you desire. Moreover, it’s an unforgettable trip, merging the charm of traditional camel rides with the thrill of exploring Dubai’s stunning desert landscapes in a dune buggy!

3. Desert Safari with Four Seater Dune Buggy Dubai

With our four seater dune buggy Desert Safari in Dubai, you can get the ultimate adventure. Get ready for an exhilarating ride as you explore the fascinating desert terrain in our specially designed buggy. The first activity on our safari is an exhilarating game of dune bashing. With professional guidance, we can navigate the sandy terrains safely and with enjoyment.

After that, you’ll go out on an amazing adventure across the desert, taking in the stunning views and stopping at key locations to take pictures that will last a lifetime. You may enjoy this exhilarating experience with family and friends in our four seater dune buggy, which adds to the delight of exploring the vastness of the Dubai desert. That’s not all, though; as part of our safari, you’ll participate in traditional activities like riding a camel, giving your journey a really Arabian flavor. After enjoying the peaceful beauty of the desert from the top of these magnificent animals, return to your thrilling dune buggy adventure.

Our four-seater dune buggy Desert Safari promises an engaging and unforgettable experience, merging adventure, culture, and the breathtaking beauty of Dubai’s desert landscapes into one amazing excursion. Whether it’s the heart-pounding dune bashing or the peaceful moments atop a camel. Join us for an adventure that will make you remember Dubai’s gorgeous desert forever.

4. Sand Boarding Tour with Four Seater Dune Buggy Dubai

In the morning, afternoon, and evening, join us for an exciting four-seater dune buggy Sand Boarding Tour in Dubai. Ride over the captivating sand dunes and enjoy the exhilaration of sandboarding, a popular desert pastime. With our tour, you may create lifelong memories by carving through the dunes on a board, providing the ideal combination of adventure and breathtaking scenery.

You may explore the vast desert environment with friends and family while sharing the fun in our specially designed four-seater dune buggy. Our trips are flexible in terms of timing, so you may experience the desert’s beauty at the time that suits you best—be it the vivid energy of the afternoon, the golden tones of the morning sun, or the delicate hues of a desert sunset. Join us for an amazing sandboarding experience coupled with the delight of driving our four-seater dune buggy across Dubai’s captivating dunes.

5. Hot Air Balloon Tour with Four Seater Dune Buggy

Take a four-seater dune buggy excursion in Dubai along with our Hot Air Balloon Tour to start an amazing adventure. Start the day with a hot air balloon ride over the spectacular desert landscapes, taking in the breathtaking vistas as the sun paints the sky with hues of morning. Moreover, discover the calm and serene glory of the desert from an exceptional angle.

After your dreamy hot air balloon journey, take our specially designed four-seater dune buggy for an on-land excursion. Add a shot of adrenaline to your adventure and enjoy the thrill of exploring the vast and beautiful desert terrain. Our tour expertly combines the excitement of dune buggy exploration with the serenity of a hot air balloon ride. We guarantee an amazing day full of breathtaking views and memorable moments in the centre of Dubai’s captivating desert.

Why Choose Us for Four Seater Dune Buggy Rental Dubai

Choosing us for your Four-Seater Dune Buggy Rental in Dubai ensures a matchless desert adventure, combining expertise, safety, and an unforgettable experience.

Expert Guidance:

Our seasoned guides are well-versed in desert exploration, offering detailed instructions before your ride. They ensure you’re equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for a safe and thrilling journey. Before starting your journey they will give you detailed instructions on how to operate dune buggy.

Top-notch Equipment:

Your safety is paramount. We provide high-quality safety gears. These include helmets, gloves, as well as goggles ensuring you enjoy the adventure worry-free.

Versatile Options:

Whether it’s a short 30-minute thrill or an extended 4-hour expedition, our range of rental durations caters to diverse preferences, accommodating both time constraints and immersive experiences.


Our four-seater dune buggies are perfect for families and groups, fostering shared adventures and cherished moments amid the desert’s beauty.

Immersive Experience:

Our rentals allow you to explore the desert’s stunning landscapes, providing an opportunity to create lasting memories and embrace the freedom of off-road exploration.

Customer Satisfaction:

We prioritize your satisfaction, aiming to exceed your expectations by delivering exceptional service and ensuring an adventure that resonates long after you leave the desert sands.

When you choose Quad Bike Dubai for your Four-Seater Dune Buggy Rental in Dubai, you opt for more than just a ride; you choose an experience crafted with expertise, safety, as well as a passion for creating unforgettable desert memories.

Age Limit for Four-Seater Dune Buggy

Four Seater Polaris RZR RS 1000 CC Buggy Dubai Age Limit

Four Seater Polaris RZR RS 1000 CC Buggy Dubai is an ideal choice for families or groups of friends looking for an adrenaline-pumping escapade. The age requirement for this buggy is set at 18 years and above. We ensure a safe as well as enjoyable experience for all riders. Our priority is to provide an adventure that combines excitement with safety. It allows everyone to revel in the breathtaking desert landscapes aboard this high performance buggy. Join us for an unforgettable journey through Dubai’s dunes, embracing the freedom and thrill of off-road exploration in our Four-Seater Polaris RZR RS 1000 CC Buggy.

Four Seater Kawasaki 800 CC Buggy Dubai Age Limit

The minimum age limit for both drivers and passengers using the Four-Seater Kawasaki 800 CC Buggy in Dubai is 16 years old. This age restriction makes sure that participants are mature enough to handle the challenging desert terrain on this strong buggy and have the capacity to enjoy it safely.

This thrilling off-road adventure buggy ride is designed for families and groups looking to go on an adventure together. Moreover, its roomy four-seat layout and 16+ age limit make it possible for drivers and passengers to share an exciting and adventurous experience.

With the Four-Seater Kawasaki 800 CC Buggy, riders at this age limit can enjoy an exciting ride throughout the desert landscapes of Dubai and feel the excitement of off-road exploration, all while guaranteeing a safe and pleasurable adventure for everyone.

Four Seater CAN-AM RS RR Turbo Maverick 1000 CC Buggy Dubai Age Limit

Our four-seater CAN-AM RS RR Turbo Maverick 1000 CC Buggy in Dubai delivers an exciting desert trip for anyone aged 18 and up. Our primary objectives are your safety and enjoyment. That’s why we’ve established the age limit for this high-performance buggy at 18 years or older.

This buggy, designed for adventure and thrill-seekers, offers power and excitement over Dubai’s breathtaking desert landscapes. Its spacious four-seater layout makes it ideal for families or groups wanting an entertaining adventure.

Riders who are eighteen years of age or older can take this turbocharged Maverick on an incredible excursion across the dunes and feel the adrenaline of off-road exploration. Every ride is not just exhilarating but safe and unforgettable because of our dedication to client safety and happiness. Participate in an adventure in our Four-Seater CAN-AM RS RR Turbo Maverick 1000 CC Buggy. Moreover, it is designed for those looking for the ultimate excitement in the desert!

Four Seater Customize Dune Buggy Dubai 1000 CC to 3000 CC Age Limit

In order to use our Four-Seater Customized Dune Buggy in Dubai, drivers and passengers must be at least eighteen years old. The vehicle range is from 1000 CC to 3000 CC. This age restriction makes sure that the people driving or riding the buggy have the maturity and accountability needed for a secure and pleasant off-road adventure.

Families and thrill seekers alike are drawn to the customizing choices available in the 1000 CC to 3000 CC range because they provide a wide range of power and adventure. However, we’ve established the minimum age at 18 for both drivers and passengers in order to guarantee safety and adherence to our standards.

Family Dune Buggy Discounts for Public Holidays

Experience the thrill of Dubai’s desert with your loved ones during special occasions! Enjoy exclusive discounts on our Four-Seater (Family Buggy) Dune Buggy tours during public holidays like New Year’s, Eid, and UAE National Day.

Celebrate these festive moments by embarking on an adventure that’s perfect for families and groups. Our discounted rates for the Four-Seater Family Buggy tours ensure that everyone can revel in the excitement of off-road exploration amidst the stunning desert landscapes.

Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or a leisurely ride to commemorate these special days, our discounted tours offer the perfect opportunity. It’s a chance to bond, create cherished memories, and witness the beauty of Dubai’s desert while enjoying savings on our exclusive Four-Seater Dune Buggy experiences during these celebratory occasions. Join us as we make your holidays even more memorable with thrilling adventures tailored for families and groups!

Desert Safari Dubai with 4-Seater Buggy

Morning Desert Safari Dubai with Four Seater Dune Buggy

In the early morning, our Morning Desert Safari in Dubai offers a thrilling ride on a four-seater dune buggy, adding extra excitement to your adventure. The best time for this buggy ride is when the sun is rising, painting the sky with beautiful colors.

The cool morning air makes the trip refreshing as well as calm. The desert looks so peaceful in the soft morning light, like something you’d see in a painting. The quiet atmosphere makes the buggy ride even more thrilling—a perfect way to start your day with both excitement and serenity.

This sunrise buggy ride is great for those who love both thrill and nature. Moreover, you’ll make unforgettable memories against the stunning backdrop of the Dubai desert at sunrise. Plus, if you opt for our pick-up and drop-off service, our driver will safely take you from your home to the adventure spot and back, ensuring a convenient and safe journey for you.

Evening Desert Safari with Four Seater Dune Buggy

Join our Dubai Evening Desert Safari—an amazing way to end your day with our thrilling Four Seater Dune Buggy ride. After a fascinating desert journey, this buggy ride adds excitement to your evening.

As the sun sets, the desert transforms with warm colors painting the dunes, creating a mesmerizing sight. Moreover, the cooler temperatures in the evening make exploring more comfortable, balancing adventure and peace.

Hop into our sturdy Four Seater Dune Buggy and take charge as you navigate this stunning landscape. Experience the thrill of driving across the dunes at your own pace. Furthermore, it’s a personal adventure!

Witness the breathtaking sunset, turning the desert into a beautiful masterpiece. In the evening, you’ll find a perfect blend of excitement and tranquility. It promises a memorable end to your day in the captivating Dubai desert.

Overnight Desert Safari with Four Seater Dune Buggy

 The Overnight Desert Safari with the Four Seater Dune Buggy is like a super cool sleepover in the desert! You start by cruising into the big, sandy desert in a comfy car. When you arrive at the camp, the real fun kicks in – riding the buggy with a family!

Spending the night adds a touch of magic. After the exciting buggy ride, you’ll chill at the camp, surrounded by the calm night vibes. There, you’ll find a cozy Bedouin-style setup and enjoy a yummy BBQ dinner. Further, dive into cultural activities under the starry sky for an unforgettable time.

Whether you sleep under the twinkling stars or in cozy tents, it’s all part of this awesome adventure. It’s your chance to soak in the beauty of the desert at nighttime. Moreover, an Overnight Desert Safari with the Four Seater Dune Buggy brings heaps of excitement to Dubai’s stunning desert scene.

Dune Buggy Dubai Availability

Our Dune Buggy adventures in Dubai are available daily to ensure you have the flexibility to choose the timing that suits you best. We understand that travelers have different schedules and preferences, so we aim to accommodate your needs.

For morning enthusiasts, our sunrise dune buggy experiences typically start early in the day. This allows you to witness the desert come to life with the first rays of sunlight.

Moreover, if you prefer the late afternoon or early evening, we offer dune buggy options during the cooler hours. It is a fantastic time to explore the desert and capture stunning photographs.

Our goal is to make your dune buggy adventure accessible and enjoyable, no matter when you plan to visit. Moreover, our team is dedicated to providing you with a memorable experience in the mesmerizing Dubai desert. We prioritize your safety, ensuring a safe adventure regardless of the time you choose to embark on this thrilling journey

Dune Buggy Dubai Timing

The timing for our dune buggy in Dubai is generally set from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, providing a wide window of opportunity for families to enjoy this thrilling adventure. It’s worth noting that these timings may vary depending on the season, weather conditions, and other factors, but any changes will be communicated to you at the time of booking.

Starting the day at 7:00 AM allows families to beat the heat and enjoy the cooler morning temperatures in the desert. This early timing also provides a great opportunity to witness the desert landscape as it comes to life with the soft morning light. Conversely, those who prefer a more leisurely experience can opt for afternoon rides, taking in the stunning desert sunset.

Dune Buggy Rental Availability

We offer dune buggy tour daily, ensuring that families have the flexibility to plan their desert safari experience at their convenience. Whether you’re visiting Dubai during the week or on the weekend, you can count on the availability of this exciting activity every day.

This daily availability means that you can easily incorporate dune buggy into your travel itinerary, allowing you to explore the mesmerizing desert landscape and create lasting memories with your family on any day that suits you. Moreover, it’s a fantastic way to add a dose of adventure and cultural exploration to your Dubai visit while ensuring that you can enjoy the experience whenever it fits your schedule.

Dune Buggy Red Dunes Dubai

Our location amid the Red Dunes in the Al Lahbab Desert, nestled away in the center of the captivating UAE scenery, offers a unique and enthralling desert trip. The breathtaking view provided by these imposing, fiery-red sand dunes, which are renowned for their amazing beauty and lofty heights, offers an amazing experience.

The Red Dunes of Al Lahbab Desert, which are only a short drive from the busy metropolis of Dubai, offer a striking contrast to the metropolitan surroundings and transport tourists to a world of natural splendor. You can enjoy exhilarating sports like camel riding, sandboarding, and dune bashing here, or you can just relax and take in the peace of the desert while you watch the sunset.

Dune Buggy Tour Dubai

Dune Buggy Tour Payment Method

We offer you the flexibility to choose your preferred payment method for added convenience. When our driver arrives for your pickup, you can opt for the ease of paying in cash. Additionally, we provide the option for secure card and online payments, ensuring a hassle-free transaction process.

Please note that while we accept various payment methods, including cash, bank transfers, and ATM cards, there is a nominal 5% service charge applied to online payments made via bank transfers and ATM cards. We believe in transparency and want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the payment options available to you, allowing you to select the one that best suits your preferences and needs.

How to Book a Dubai Dune Buggy Tour

Experience all of our featured tours at exclusive discounted rates, complemented by our exceptional 24/7 customer service. Contacting us is a breeze – you can reach out via WhatsApp or email using the provided links on our “Contact Us” page. Our convenient pick-up and drop-off services are available in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman for your added ease.

To get started, simply complete the user-friendly form on our website, or reach out to us via the email address and WhatsApp number thoughtfully provided on our page. We’re here to make your adventure in Dubai’s desert as smooth and memorable as possible.

Dune Buggy Tour Booking Requirement:

To ensure a seamless booking confirmation process, we kindly request the following details:

  • Your full name
  • Name of your hotel for pick-up and drop-off
  • Your UAE-based mobile number.

If you don’t have a local UAE mobile number, you can provide us with your frequently used WhatsApp number. In the rare event that neither of these options is available, you can share your hotel room number, allowing our driver to contact you via your hotel’s reception. Staying connected is crucial. It enables us to keep you informed about any tour adjustments due to unforeseen circumstances or weather changes. Moreover, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and open communication ensures a memorable and worry-free experience.

Pick and Drop Service for Dune Buggy Tour

For added convenience, we offer a pick-up and drop-off service for our dune buggy Dubai adventures. This service is available upon request, providing you with flexibility in planning your desert safari experience.

If you choose to use our pick-up and drop-off service, our designated transportation will pick you and your family up from your preferred location in Dubai such as a hotel, and take you to the dune buggy site. After the adventure, you will be safely transported back to your hotel.

This service eliminates the need to worry about transportation logistics, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for you and your family. Simply let us know your pick-up location when making your booking, and we’ll make the necessary arrangements to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable dune buggy adventure in the Dubai desert.

Dune Buggy Dubai Tour Additional information

1. Safety

Our top priority is safety. We are dedicated to giving every one of our visitors a safe and worry-free experience. Strict safety regulations are followed by our committed team of experts to guarantee your well-being at all times.

Our personnel is well-versed in emergency protocols and first aid, and our equipment is examined and maintained regularly. Before beginning any activity, we give you a safety briefing to make sure you are aware and ready. Additional we provide safety equipment’s such as helmet, gloves and goggles. We have efficient processes in place to deal with any issue quickly and effectively in case of any emergency.

Rest assured, we take every safety measure to make your visit as safe as possible, so you can enjoy your journey with comfort.

2. Photography

With the help of our photography services, capture the magic of your event. Our talented photographers are here to assist you in preserving your memories in amazing clarity because we know how valuable they are. Whether you’re dressing traditionally to embrace the local culture or racing down the dunes, our photographers will capture those special moments and frame them elegantly.

To fit your needs, a range of photography packages are available. We offer a wide range of styles, from natural moments to expertly staged pictures. Our photographers are skilled at capturing the ideal lighting and perspectives to create remarkable images.

Allow us to handle the photography so you can immerse yourself in the event and leave with high-quality, professionally edited images to appreciate for years to come.

3. Clothes and Shoes

Choosing the right clothes and shoes is essential to ensure comfort and safety during your desert experience.

Clothes: For your comfort and safety when starting your desert trip, make sure you are wearing the appropriate clothes and footwear. For warm desert weather, we suggest wearing airy, lightweight garments that breathe well, including long pants, loose-fitting blouses, and sunhats with large brims to protect your skin.

Shoes: To provide safety and support for activities like dune buggy riding, sandboarding, and dune bashing, footwear should consist of supportive, closed-toe shoes such as hiking boots or sneakers. In addition, we have traditional Arabic attire available if you want to involve yourself in the culture and take memorable pictures during your visit.

To adjust to changing temperatures, it’s a good idea to layer clothes throughout the cooler months. Remember to include sunscreen, sunglasses, and a scarf or shawl to protect your face from blowing sand. You can make sure you have a pleasant and comfortable trip in the desert by being ready with the appropriate attire and footwear.

4. Not Recommended

Although our goal is to give you an amazing desert vacation, there are some things and ways of behaving that we do not encourage for the sake of everyone’s enjoyment and safety. It is not advised to bring valuable or delicate personal items because activities in the desert may involve sand and dust that could harm them.

A. Inappropriate Clothes: We advise against wearing heavy or tight clothing or other items that are inappropriate for the desert climate. Since it may cause discomfort and restrict movement while on the journey.

B. Don’t Bring Valuable Items: It’s advisable to avoid bringing pricey jewelry, big sums of cash, or pricey electronics. Furthermore, the environment of the desert can harm them.

C. Avoid Bringing a Lot of Luggage: Do not bring large bags, luggage, and other excess baggage. Because they can be heavy and might not fit during the dune buggy adventure.

D. Open-Toed or High-Heeled Shoes: For safety concerns, it is not recommended to wear high heels or open-toed footwear like sandals or flip-flops. When in a desert, they might not offer sufficient safety and support

5. Children (Age Requirement)

We have an age restriction for dune buggy rides for the security and welfare of our younger visitors. Teenage children under the age of fifteen should not participate in this thrilling encounter. Quad Bike Dubai prioritizes everyone’s safety, therefore this age limit reflects our dedication to making sure everyone has a safe and fun journey.

Additionally, if you’re traveling with children, we have a variety of other kid-friendly and teen-friendly activities that they can participate in. You can avail kid quad bike on rent for your child. Moreover, you should have confidence that our team is committed to providing age-appropriate, unforgettable experiences. We are excited to welcome you and your family for an exhilarating and safe desert trip.

6. Large Group

For larger groups seeking a thrilling dune buggy experience in Dubai, we offer special discounts and packages tailored to fulfill your needs. We understand that traveling with a large group, whether it’s friends, family, or colleagues, is a fantastic way to create shared memories and enjoy unique adventures together.

We design group discounts to make the dune buggy adventure even more accessible and affordable for everyone. Whether you’re planning a family reunion, a corporate team-building outing, or a celebration with friends, our team can assist you in customizing your dune buggy experience to suit your group’s size and preferences.

By choosing our group packages, you not only enjoy the excitement of dune buggy but also benefit from cost savings, ensuring that everyone in your group can participate and have an unforgettable time exploring the beautiful desert landscapes of Dubai.

7. What to Bring for Dune Buggy Tour

    1.  Bring Emirates ID if you are UAE Resident, and Passport if you are on Tourist Visa.
    2. Comfortable shoes
    3. Sunglasses
    4. Sun hat
    5. Camera

To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable dune buggy experience in Dubai, here is a list of items you should consider bringing with you:

Identification: For UAE residents, please remember to bring your Emirates ID. If you’re visiting on a tourist visa, have your passport handy for identification purposes.

Comfortable Shoes: Wear comfortable and closed-toe shoes that provide good support for your feet during the dune buggy adventure.

Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the desert sun and blowing sand by wearing sunglasses with UV protection.

Sun Hat: A wide-brimmed hat can provide additional protection from the sun and keep you cool during the desert adventure.

Camera: Don’t forget your camera or smartphone to capture the breathtaking desert landscapes and enjoy the dune buggy experience.

8. Not allowed

For the safety and comfort of all participants in our dune buggy adventures in Dubai, we have certain restrictions on what is not allowed during the experience:

Pets: For the well-being of your furry friends and the consideration of other participants, please avoid bringing pets to the dune buggy site. The desert environment may not be suitable for animals. It’s important to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Luggage or Large Bags: Large bags and luggage are not permitted during the dune buggy adventure. It’s advisable to leave such items at your accommodation or arrange for secure storage if necessary. Moreover, this policy helps ensure the safety of participants and prevents any potential interference with the dune buggy experience.

9. Driving License for Dune Buggy Dubai

Driving licenses are not a worry during the thrilling dune buggy adventure on our guided desert tour. To participate, you need not need a driving license. Our experienced guides will take over and guarantee an exhilarating and secure journey through the sand dunes. This makes the adventure accessible to a larger spectrum of participants. We also ensure that you may completely enjoy it without worrying about licenses.

The main goal of Quad Bike Dubai is to provide all of its clients with an enjoyable and welcoming experience, regardless of their level of driving expertise.  You don’t need a driving license to join in on the fun. So set aside your problems and get ready for an exciting adventure through the desert with us.

10. Currency Accepted

We accept various currencies for your convenience when booking our dune buggy Dubai trip. The accepted currencies include:

    1. US Dollar (Dollar)
    2. United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)
    3. Euro (Euro)
    4. British Pound (Pound)
    5. Saudi Riyal (Riyal)

This flexibility allows you to pay using your preferred currency, making the booking process more convenient for visitors from different parts of the world. Please note that exchange rates may apply when using currencies other than the United Arab Emirates Dirham (ASD). So it’s a good idea to check with our booking service for the most up-to-date information on currency conversion and payment options.

Dune Buggy Dubai Tour Safety Tips

Steps to Reduce The Risks of Accidents and Injuries

To ensure the safety of our young riders during quad biking and dune buggy tour, we follow a set of crucial steps to reduce the risks of accidents and injuries:

Maintain Safe Speeds:

Our instructors emphasize the importance of riding at safe and controlled speeds. Children are encouraged to follow speed guidelines to prevent accidents while still enjoying the thrill of the ride.

Wearing Safety Equipment:

Every child is provided with essential safety equipment, including helmets and goggles. Moreover, we insist on their proper use to protect against potential injuries.

Be Attentive:

Instructors stress the need for constant attentiveness. We teach you to maintain focus on the terrain, follow instructions, and stay aware of their surroundings

Caution Around Dunes:

Riding around sand dunes requires specific skills and caution. So, we provide guidance to children on how to navigate dunes safely to prevent mishaps.

Although dune buggy rides are an exhilarating experience, safety should always come first. To guarantee a pleasant and secure trip, consider the following crucial safety advice:

Pay Close Attention to Your Guide:

Your tour guide will give you safety instructions, so pay close attention to them. They are expert in navigating the arid landscape and will offer helpful advice on how to handle the dune buggy safely.

Put on Safety Gear:

Make sure you put on the required safety equipment. It usually consists of a helmet and goggles, before beginning your tour. The purpose of this equipment is to protect you from the weather and any flying debris.

Put Seat Belts On:

Buckle your seatbelt securely before starting the journey. Wearing a seatbelt can protect you from sudden stops. It also protects you from unexpected changes in terrain, as well as keeps you from being moved around.

Follow speed limits:

Obey the rules and speed restrictions that your tour operator has set. Excessive speed might increase the likelihood of an accident, so keep a safe and controlled pace.

Ensure a Safe Distancing:

Maintain a safe space between your group and other dune buggies. Rear-end crashes can occur from abrupt stops or unsteady terrain if you’re following the vehicle in front of you too closely.

Remain on Assigned Paths:

Follow the paths and ways that your guide has allowed. Deviating from prescribed trails can be dangerous and harmful to the delicate desert ecosystem.

Remain Hydrated:

It can get hot and dry in desert regions. To avoid heat-related problems, stay hydrated before, during, and after your excursion.

Respect Local Culture and The Environment:

Respect local culture and customs and be aware of the unique ecosystem found in the desert. Refrain from trash and do not interfere with the local community or the environment.

Dune Buggy Dubai Tour Cancellation Policy

  • Cancel up to 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund, except (transfer charges will apply).
  • Cancellation less than 24 hours in advance or no show will be 100% charged.
  • The refund amount will be credited back to the same card used for booking
  • In the event of poor weather conditions or other external factors out of our reasonable control, the activity/tour may be canceled at short notice, without any charges being applied to the guest. In such cases, the tour/activity can be re-scheduled or a full refund will be processed.
  • The refund might take 7 to 14 days to reflect in your account, depending on the bank’s policy.

Dune Buggy Dubai FAQs

A Four Seater Dune Buggy is indeed a specialized off-road vehicle designed for traversing challenging terrains like deserts. It’s built to accommodate four people—usually a driver and three passengers—to enjoy an adventure together in rugged environments. It provides an exciting opportunity to explore the wilderness and navigate through sand dunes. Additionally, it allows groups to tackle various off-road trails together.

No. You do not require a driving license to rent dune buggy.

The minimum age for four seater dune buggy in Dubai is 18+ years old.

No prior experience is typically needed. Moreover, our highly experienced experts offer thorough instructions and provide safety equipment to ensure your safety.

We advise you to wear comfortable, lightweight clothing and closed-toe shoes. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are also advisable.

Yes, we offer helmets for safety during your dune buggy trip.

The duration varies, but we offer different time slots ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

Yes, dune buggy is available year-round in Dubai, but the best time may vary depending on weather conditions.

Yes, it’s recommended to book your four seater dune buggy adventure in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.

The maximum speed of four-seater dune buggy can vary. But they are typically designed for safe and enjoyable off-road riding.

Yes, we allow cameras, but it’s important to secure them properly to avoid damage during the ride.

In case of bad weather, the tour may be rescheduled for safety. Moreover, we have policies in place for such situations.

We provide safety briefings, helmets, goggles, gloves, and protective gear. Moreover, we have experienced guides to ensure your safety during the ride.

Absolutely! You can book a four seater dune buggy for special events or occasions with us. Moreover, it will add a thrilling element to celebrations. Whether it’s an Eid, anniversary, corporate outing, or any special gathering, we offer special discounts to our customers.

Yes, our four seater dune buggy experiences are designed to be accessible and affordable for a range of budgets. Moreover, we offer various packages to accommodate different preferences and price points. It also allows you to enjoy this thrilling adventure without breaking the bank.