Quad Bike Rental Dubai

Looking for an adventure in Dubai? Look no further than Quad Bike Dubai! Get ready to rev up your excitement with our fantastic Quad Bike rentals. Our Quad Bike rentals are your ticket to an unforgettable adventure in this mesmerizing city.

Hop onto our well-maintained Quad Bikes and embark on a journey through the golden dunes or conquer challenging paths while soaking in the breathtaking views that Dubai has to offer. Finally, renting from us is a breeze, allowing you to focus on the excitement of riding without any hassles.

Our friendly team is always ready to assist, ensuring you have all the support and information you need for an epic ride. We also offer an exciting way to experience the beauty of this city like never before. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a first-time rider, our range of Quad Bikes suits all levels of expertise.

Ready to make memories that last a lifetime? Book your Quad Bike Rental Tour with Quad Bike Dubai today and get set for an incredible adventure in the heart of Dubai!

Desert Quad Biking Dubai - Red Dunes

Quad Bike Rental Dubai Up To 30% Off | Best ATV Rental Dubai

In-Circle Quad Biking Dubai


Quad Bike Rental Dubai

DurationNew PriceOld Price
30 Minutes 100 AED | 27 USD 150 AED
1 Hour 180 AED | 50 USD260 AED
2 Hours 260 AED | 74 USD 370 AED
Quad Biking Dubai | A Thrilling Adventure of Dubai Desert

In-Circle Dubai Quad Biking


Quad Bike Rental Dubai Desert

DurationNew PriceOld Price
30 Minutes 150 AED | 40 USD 220 AED
1 Hour 250 AED | 70 USD360 AED
2 Hours 350 AED | 100 USD 500 AED
Kids Quad Biking Dubai | Desert Kids Quad Bike Rental Dubai

In-Circle Quad Bike Dubai


Kids Quad Bike Rental Dubai

DurationNew PriceOld Price
30 Minutes 90 AED | 25 USD 130 AED
1 Hour 150 AED | 40 USD 210 AED
2 Hours 230 AED | 65 USD 330 AED

Desert Quad Bike Rental Dubai

Open Desert Yamaha Quad Bike Rental Dubai with 30% Discount Price

Open Desert Quad Biking Dubai


YAMAHA Quad Bike Rental Dubai

DurationNew PriceOld Price
30 Minutes 200 AED | 55 USD 370 AED
1 Hour 350 AED | 100 USD500 AED
2 Hours 500 AED | 140 USD 750 AED
Quad Bike Rental Tour Dubai | Enjoy Quad Biking In Red Dunes

Open Desert Quad Bike Rental Dubai


YAMAHA Quad Biking Dubai Desert

DurationNew PriceOld Price
30 Minutes 300 AED | 85 USD 430 AED
1 Hour 450 AED | 125 USD640 AED
2 Hours 600 AED | 170 USD 860 AED
YAMAHA Raptor 700 CC Quad Biking Dubai | Best Desert Sports Quad Biking

Quad Bike Rental Dubai Open Desert


YAMAHA Raptor Quad Bike Dubai

DurationNew PriceOld Price
30 Minutes 500 AED | 140 USD 700 AED
1 Hour 700 AED | 200 USD1000 AED
2 Hours 1200 AED | 340 USD 1750 AED

Desert Quad Biking Dubai - Red Dunes

Explore the thrilling adventure of desert quad biking in Dubai’s Red Dunes! Zoom through the sandy landscapes on your powerful quad bike, feeling the rush as you conquer the rolling dunes. With the sun casting beautiful hues across the desert, experience the adrenaline of riding through this breathtaking terrain.

You’ll twist and turn, feeling the wind whoosh by as you go up and down the dunes. It’s super fun for everyone, whether you’ve ridden a lot or just starting. The Red Dunes in Dubai are like a giant, sandy rollercoaster waiting for you to explore. Also, embrace the excitement of this outdoor escapade while admiring the stunning vistas that surround you.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, this exhilarating experience amidst the Red Dunes of Dubai promises an unforgettable adventure filled with fun and excitement. So get ready, hold on tight, and let’s go on an awesome quad biking adventure in the amazing Red Dunes of Dubai!

Quad Bike Rental Dubai Price List

Quad Bike Dubai Rental Price

Quad Biking Dubai Duration

30 Minutes Quad Biking Dubai Desert

We offer a 30-minute quad bike rental dubai option for those with limited time who still want to experience the thrill of quad biking in the desert. If you’re short on time but don’t want to miss out on the adventure, our 30-minute quad biking option is a great choice. Moreover, it allows you to enjoy the excitement of quad biking in a shorter timeframe, leaving you with more time to explore other attractions and activities in Dubai. So, if time is of the essence, this option lets you make the most of your desert adventure without compromising on the fun.

1 Hour Quad Biking Dubai Desert

Quad Bike Dubai also provides a 1-hour quad biking experience, allowing you to enjoy an extended adventure in the Dubai desert. This hour-long ride offers ample time to explore the stunning desert landscapes, navigate the sandy dunes, and experience the excitement of quad biking to the fullest. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to quad biking, this 1-hour option ensures you have enough time to fully immerse yourself in the beauty and thrill of the desert. Moreover, it helps you to create lasting memories of your Dubai desert adventure.

2 Hours Quad Biking Dubai Desert

We’re delighted to offer an exciting 2-hour quad biking adventure in the mesmerizing Dubai desert at affordable rates. With this extended experience, you’ll have double the time to explore the stunning sand dunes and relish the thrill of quad biking.

You’ll receive a powerful quad bike and safety gear, ensuring your comfort and security throughout the journey. Accompanied by our knowledgeable guides, you’ll embark on a memorable expedition, discovering the hidden treasures of the desert and gaining insights into its unique natural beauty and heritage.

It’s the perfect choice for those who want to make the most of their time in the Dubai desert while enjoying an extended and unforgettable quad biking adventure

4 Hours Quad Biking Dubai Desert

We offer quad biking for a duration of four hours, and the fees may vary depending on the specific package or options you choose. Our goal is to provide you with flexibility and choices to suit your preferences and budget while ensuring you have an amazing four-hour quad biking experience in the Dubai desert.

For those in search of a comprehensive desert encounter, our 4-hour quad biking choice is the ultimate option. Moreover, it allows you plenty of time to fully savor the serenity and grandeur of the desert, making this adventure a standout experience of your Dubai excursion.

Quad Biking Dubai Tour Include

We offer the following perks at Quad Biking Dubai tour:

1. Quad Bike

A quad bike is a small and powerful all-terrain vehicle (ATV) designed to experience the thrill of off-roading independently. These vehicles are easy to control, making them accessible to both beginners and experienced riders. Additionally, they typically come with a comfortable seat and handlebars for steering. Single-seat quad bikes are widely used for recreational purposes, allowing riders to explore the outdoors, tackle challenging paths, and enjoy the excitement of off-road riding while having the freedom to adventure alone.

If you want to have lots of fun outdoors, a single-seat quad bike is a great choice. You can ride it fast for an exciting adventure or go at a relaxed pace to enjoy the beauty of nature. Moreover, it’s perfect for people who love being outside and want to have a good time.

2. Automatic Gear

We provide quad bikes with automatic gear systems for an easier and more user-friendly quad biking experience. With automatic transmission, riders don’t need to worry about shifting gears manually. Instead, they can simply focus on enjoying the adventure and maneuvering the quad bike through various terrains. Moreover, this feature makes quad biking accessible to individuals with varying levels of riding experience, including beginners.

Whether you want to adventure through the desert, tackle challenging trails, or simply enjoy the great outdoors, our automatic gear quad bikes guarantee a smoother and hassle-free ride. This lets you fully focus on the excitement of the ride and the stunning natural scenery surrounding you.

3. Off-Road Helmets

Wearing an off-road helmet is essential for anyone participating in off-road activities, as it significantly reduces the risk of head injuries in case of accidents. These helmets are designed to provide maximum protection while allowing riders to enjoy the thrills of off-road adventures safely.

We offer off-road helmets for safety and comfort. They typically have a reinforced chin bar and a strong, durable shell to protect against impacts and debris. Additionally, they often include a peak or visor to shield the rider’s eyes from sunlight, dust, and flying debris. We always prioritize our customer’s safety. So, enjoy a safe journey with Quad Bike Dubai!

4. Goggles 

We also provide goggles to keep your eyes safe. These goggles are protective eye-wear designed to shield the eyes from various environmental elements and hazards. It is essential to wear goggles before starting your quad biking. Moreover, they help to keep the sand, dust and other flying objects away from your eyes. Goggles come in various styles and designs to suit specific needs, such as clear lenses for nighttime activities or tinted lenses for sun protection during the day. Furthermore, they are often equipped with comfortable straps and cushioning to ensure a secure fit and minimize discomfort during extended use.

5. Gloves

Gloves are an essential safety accessory that we provide to protect your hands during quad biking. These specially designed gloves offer several key benefits to ensure your safety as well as comfort.

First and foremost, gloves provide a protective barrier that shields your hands from potential injuries, or cuts. Additionally, gloves offer improved grip and dexterity, allowing you to maintain control and handle quad bikes more effectively. They also provide insulation in cold weather, helping to keep your hands warm and comfortable during chilly outdoor quad biking activities.

6. Professional & Trained Experienced Tour Guides

Our quad biking adventures are led by professional and highly trained experienced tour guides who are dedicated to making your experience safe and enjoyable. These guides are experts in the field, with a deep understanding of the local terrain and the art of quad biking.

Their expertise goes beyond just riding quad bikes; they are well-versed in safety protocols, first aid, and emergency procedures. Moreover, they are committed to ensuring that all participants, regardless of their experience level, have a memorable and secure adventure in the desert.

7. Mineral Water

To keep you refreshed and hydrated during your quad biking adventure, we provide complimentary mineral water. Staying hydrated is essential, especially in desert environments where the sun can be intense. Our aim is to ensure your well-being and comfort throughout the experience, and having mineral water readily available helps you stay energized and ready to fully enjoy your quad biking journey in Dubai.

Quad Biking Tour Dubai Exclude

1. Camel Ride

Experience the charm of a traditional camel ride during your desert adventure with us (available at an additional charge). Our camel rides offer a unique opportunity to connect with the rich heritage of the Dubai desert. You’ll have expert guides to help you as you sit on these impressive camels and enjoy the peaceful desert views.

You can also avail of our camel riding service with double seat quad biking in the Dubai desert. But keep in mind we charge additional cost for this service. Riding a camel allows you to immerse yourself in the rich desert culture and experience the serene beauty of the surroundings at a slower pace. If you’re looking to make your desert adventure even more memorable, don’t miss the chance to try out our camel riding service, which is available at an extra fee.

2. Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is an exhilarating activity that combines speed and adventure as you tackle the ups and downs of the dunes. Hold on tight as you experience the adrenaline rush and take in the stunning desert scenery. If you’re seeking an extra dose of excitement during your desert adventure, don’t miss the chance to add dune bashing to your trip. But it’s important to note that there is an additional charges for dune bashing activity.

Experience the heart-pounding thrill of dune bashing as an optional add-on to your desert adventure. Our skilled drivers will take you on a thrilling ride through the desert dunes in a 4×4 vehicle, maneuvering through the sandy terrain with skill and precision.

3. Quad Biking Photography

Another exciting perk that we offer while quad biking is quad biking photography, available for an additional charge. We understand that your desert adventure is full of unforgettable moments, and our professional photographers are there to capture every thrilling second.

Additionally, our skilled photographers are experts at framing the perfect shots amidst stunning desert landscapes. They’ll follow you on your quad biking journey, capturing your exhilarating ride, the beautiful scenery, and the joy on your face. Whether you’re riding solo or with friends and family, our photographers will ensure that your desert memories are preserved in high quality and memorable photographs.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to add this service to your quad biking experience, allowing you to take home lasting memories of your thrilling desert adventure.

4. Falcon Picture

Enhance your desert adventure with the opportunity to capture a mesmerizing moment with a majestic falcon, available for an additional charge. Falcons are a symbol of grace and power in the UAE’s culture, and having your picture taken with one is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Our trained falcon handlers will introduce you to these magnificent birds of prey, allowing you to get up close and personal with them. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to hold the falcon on your arm and pose for a remarkable photo that encapsulates the beauty and heritage of the desert.

This falcon picture experience is a fantastic way to connect with local traditions and create a one-of-a-kind memory during your desert adventure. So, if you want to make your visit to the desert even more special, consider adding this service and take home a truly remarkable souvenir of your time in Dubai.

5. Horse Riding

Discover the beauty of the desert from a different perspective with our optional horse riding experience. It is available at an additional charge. Our gentle and well-trained horses are perfect for riders of all levels. Additionally, guided by experienced handlers, you’ll embark on a serene journey through the desert landscapes. Feel the rhythm of your horse’s gentle gait as you explore the tranquil dunes and immerse yourself in the peaceful surroundings.

Horse riding is a wonderful way to connect with the desert’s natural beauty and experience the tranquility of the Arabian sands. It’s an opportunity to create lasting memories and embrace the rich equestrian heritage of the region. If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and a different pace to your desert adventure, consider opting for horse riding.

Why Choose Us for Desert Quad Bike Rental Dubai

By booking with Quad Bike Dubai you not only get the best and quality service but you can also enjoy the following perks. 

Quality Service

We always value our customer’s safety and satisfaction. So, we offer top-notch, well-maintained quad bikes and comprehensive safety gear to ensure your adventure is both exciting and secure.

Well Trained & Expert Guides

Our experienced guides know the Dubai desert like the back of their hand. They don’t just lead you; they share insights about the desert’s unique ecosystems, history, and culture, making your experience educational and enriching.

Flexible Durations

We are also renowned for this feature. Whether you have 30 minutes or 4 hours to spare, we offer flexible rental durations, so you can customize your desert adventure to fit your schedule and preferences.


Your well-being is our top priority. We provide thorough safety briefings, reliable equipment, and experienced guides to ensure you’re in safe hands throughout your journey.

Competitive Prices

Quality doesn’t have to come at a high cost. We offer competitive pricing to make your desert quad bike adventure an accessible and affordable experience.

When you choose Quad Bike Dubai, you’re not just renting a quad bike; you’re investing in a remarkable desert adventure filled with thrills, knowledge, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Desert Safari Dubai with Quad Biking

Morning Desert Safari Dubai with Quad Biking

Embarking on a Morning Desert Safari in Dubai with Quad Biking is a captivating way to start your day with adventure and natural beauty. Our quad biking service is available throughout the day, from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, ensuring flexibility to suit your schedule.

For those who seek added convenience and wish to make the most of their morning, we offer a pick and drop service. If you opt for this service, we’ll pick you up at 7:00 AM, right in the early hours of the morning, and transport you to the desert. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in thrilling quad biking adventures amidst the serene desert landscape.

Your quad biking adventure will continue until 12:00 PM. This gives you plenty of time to ride through the beautiful sand dunes, enjoy the thrilling experience of off-roading, and take amazing photos in the gentle morning sunlight. As the desert wakes up with the sun, your morning desert safari with quad biking offers an unforgettable mix of excitement and stunning desert scenery, making it a perfect way to start your day in Dubai.

Evening Desert Safari with Quad Biking

Going on an Evening Desert Safari with Quad Biking is an amazing way to see the Dubai desert when the sun is setting, and everything looks like a magical world of colors and shadows. Our evening quad biking tours are designed to make your experience easy and fun, so you’ll remember it for a long time.

If you choose to book our evening quad biking adventure and opt for our pick and drop service, our experienced driver will pick you up at 3:00 PM, allowing you to prepare for your exciting desert escapade. From there, you’ll be transported to the desert, where you’ll engage in thrilling quad biking activities.

The adventure continues as you ride through the mesmerizing desert terrain, capturing the changing colors of the sunset and enjoying the cooler evening temperatures. Moreover, it’s an ideal time to experience the desert’s serene beauty and take stunning photographs.

Your evening quad biking adventure will come to a close at 9:00 PM when our driver will safely transport you back home. Further, this offers a perfect blend of adventure, natural beauty, and convenience, making it a memorable way to spend your evening in Dubai.

Overnight Desert Safari with Quad Biking

An Overnight Desert Safari with Quad Biking promises an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the Dubai desert, offering both excitement and tranquility. Our service is designed for your convenience and enjoyment.

If you opt for our Overnight Desert Safari with Quad Biking, we’ll pick you up between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM. You’ll embark on thrilling quad biking adventures, riding through the mesmerizing sand dunes. Moreover, you’ll witness the stunning desert sunset, capturing the serene beauty of the evening.

As the night falls, you’ll be treated to a magical desert evening. This includes a delicious barbecue dinner and traditional entertainment, immersing you in the desert’s rich culture. Moreover, the adventure continues as you spend the night in comfortable desert accommodations under the starry sky, creating unforgettable memories.

And for those who can’t get enough of quad biking, you’ll have the option to ride through the desert all night long. The following morning, after enjoying a serene desert sunrise, our team will ensure a safe and comfortable ride back to your home. If you’re seeking the thrill of quad biking, our Overnight Desert Safari with Quad Biking is an ideal choice. It also offers the serenity of an overnight desert experience.

Experience The Ultimate Quad Biking Dubai Desert

Explore the thrilling Quad Biking adventure in Dubai’s desert! Feel the excitement as you ride through the sandy dunes, experiencing an ultimate rush of adrenaline. Hop on your quad bike for an awesome time riding quad bikes in Dubai’s desert! It’s super thrilling!

Discover the absolute best Quad Biking in Dubai’s desert! Get ready for an amazing adventure as you zoom across the sandy dunes. Moreover, feel the thrill of riding your quad bike through this incredible desert landscape. It’s like a super fun rollercoaster on wheels! No matter if you’re new or a pro, this experience is for everyone.

Enjoy the freedom and thrill as you cruise through the sandy paths, making awesome memories in this stunning place. Whether you love adventures or just want to try something cool, this Quad Biking experience in Dubai’s desert will be a blast! Get set for an exciting ride in the desert while having the best time on your quad bike.

Quad Bike Rental Dubai Desert

In-Circle Single Seat Quad Bike / ATV Rental Dubai

If you are looking for a place to enjoy an off-road activity quad bike rental Dubai then you go to the Dubai desert. Where you can experience all the off-road activities with great fun and enjoyment. Six-hundred-meter square area is provided for quad biking within circle. Enjoy riding in the red dunes of the Dubai Desert with the experience of thrilling activity. A vast and gorgeous desert is waiting you for enjoying quad bike riding. A desert with Red Dunes where tourists can enjoy quad bike riding themselves freely. This area has boundary around and tourists can ride quad bike inside safely. In circle bike is provided to tourists where one tourist can sit for riding.

If we talk about engine capacity, its capacity is 180 CC to 220 CC. This bike is provided for 30 minutes, one hours and two hours but it has different fee charges. The most important thing is the age limit.

Good news for tourists is discount UPTO 30% Off. So, it is an opportunity for tourists to not miss it. While riding on quad bike, you should save your luxurious luggage. If it is lost in desert, it is then difficult to rummage in the sand of desert. Do not forget taking a durable camera for taking pictures and capturing stunning moments of your life. If there is a large group special discount must be provided to them. Private vehicle for Pick and drop is also available in Dubai, Sharja and Ajman.

In-Circle Double Seat Quad Bike / ATV Rental Dubai

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, you must visit the Dubai desert. Because Dubai is known not only for its great building like Burj-Khalifa but also for its beautiful desert. We provide double seat quad bike to tourists in-circle area.

Its charges are little bit higher. Its engine capacity is 220CC to 250 CC. Two persons can enjoy the captivating sight of desert sitting on double seat quad bike. Six-hundred-meter square area, for double seat quad bike, is provided in red dunes to enjoy a quad biking.

The area is fenced for better riding. If you don’t know how to drive a Quad bike rental Dubai don’t worry. We have experienced Tour guide who will teach you how to drive it.

The bike is provided minimum for 30 Minutes, up to One Hour, and Two Hours it depends on customer choice. You should be aware of your luxurious luggage. If it is lost in the desert, it is then difficult to rummage in the sand.

Double Seat Quad Biking Dubai

If you don’t know how to drive a Quad bike rental Dubai don’t worry. We have experienced Tour guide who will teach you how to drive it. Before you go on a quad bike trip, we provide you with a complete quad bike kit that will keep you safe from any untoward incident.

We also provide you with first aid medical assistance in case of any untoward incident. Take a wonderful camera with you to take stunning kind of pictures and capture these beautiful moments of your life. A special discount is available for tourists now a days. So, it is an opportunity to come and relish yourselves. Double seat quad bike is available so that Two friends and a couple can sit and enjoy the beauty of rich nature in Dubai red dunes desert. Do not waste your time and have a wonderful touch of desert riding by double seat quad bike.

In-Circle Kids Quad Bike / Kids ATV Rental Dubai

If you are coming with your family for kids’ small Quad bike is also available which they can drive in-circle and give them a chance to enjoy the Quad bike ride as well in the Arabian desert.

Kids quad bike is available for kids in-circle area. The length of the area is nearly Six hundred square meters where kids can ride freely. Seat capacity of quad bike for kids is one, it means one kid can ride it.

We provide you with a complete quad bike kit in which your kids can be safe from any untoward incident.

We also provide you with first aid medical assistance in case of any untoward incident. Its, bike, engine cc is 70 CC. We provide 30 minutes, one hour and two hours tour for quad bike riding. It depends on customer how much they want to ride. Tour guide must be there he will guide the kids how to ride and relish their tourism. They will also take care of safety.

If kids have some precious luggage, you will take care of them. So, take your kids for riding at desert to see the natural beauty of the universe in UAE. The biggest facility is pick and drop. Customer pick and drop is available from their destination in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman.

Open Desert Single Seat ATV / Quad Bike Rental Dubai

The desert of Dubai is extremely beautiful. The best time to explore the Dubai desert is in the early morning sunrise or sunset time. The picture you take at this time with Quad bike riding is a memory for you in Dubai because, at this time, it is a beautiful view of the desert-like you can enjoy a lot.

We will be given a Single seat quad bike. A guide will be with you to guide you because the desert is too long. Sometimes tourists even do not know how to come back that is why guide will be with you to help you.

If you don’t know how to drive a Quad bike rental Dubai don’t worry. We have experienced tour guide who will teach you how to drive it. They will also take care of your safety. we provide you with a complete quad bike kit Helmet and gloves are given with bike for better safety, which you can be safe from any untoward incident.

We provide 30 minutes, one hour and two hours tour for quad bike riding. It depends on tourist choice how much they want to ride. Open desert bike capacity is 250 CC to 270 CC. Age limit for tourists is minimum 15 years. Below 15 years will not be given open desert quad bike. Good news for tourist’s discount price which is given now a days.

Open Desert Double Seat Quad Bike / ATVs Rental Dubai

Nothing compares to a desert safari with a quad bike ride in the early morning sunrise and evening sunset time! Have you ever experienced this before?

If you have already visited the Dubai desert with quad bike riding then you will know about this beautiful and memorable journey and you will have enjoyed it a lot. If not then join us for this beautiful journey that is the Dubai desert safari.

To enjoy the desert, we have different types of Quad Bike for rent, take a quad bike based on your needs and desires. That too at a very reasonable price. We also have a Double-Seater Quad bike Rental for two tourist is given in open desert red dunes Al Lahbab desert for riding.

A tourist can seat second rider at bike next to himself or herself too. If you are friends or you can ride together. If you are couple, you can ride together romantically. Tourists can take pictures if they do not forget taking camera with them.

Quad Biking Dubai

Double seat quad bike engine capacity is 250 CC to 350 CC. Driving age is 15 years. Those tourists whose age is below 15 years will not be permitted for driving double seat quad bike. We provide 30 minutes, one hour and two hours tour for quad bike riding.

Our tour guide will help you on each and every step in your beautiful moments of tourism. Before you go on a riding a quad bike trip, we provide you with a complete quad bike kit in which you can be safe from any untoward incident.
We also provide you with first aid medical assistance in case of any untoward incident.

Those things which you need in open desert will be provided by us. Open desert tourism can be relished in the captivating moments of morning Sunrise. Though you can also select dusk time is highly romantic. Pick and drop facility is available for Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. We also take care of our customers’ needs and desires. We also provide transport facilities according to the number of passengers, for example, minibuses. Luxury cars are also available if you need them.

Open Desert YAMAHA RAPTOR Quad Bike Rental Dubai

Dubai has a lot of historical and new places for entertainment lovers. Along with all these, Dubai has a beautiful and wonderful desert for fun and adventure lovers. That is why Dubai is a famous and best place to spend your vacation. But Desert Safari with Quad Bike Rental Dubai is most famous among its visitor for its Boundless beauty and entertainment.

The tourists are given Yamaha raptor bike. The importance of Yamaha raptor is going fast. It is single seat; one tourist can sit and drive it. It is driven very fast. The beautiful sight of dust can be seen behind the bike which dances wriggly.

Driving age for Yamaha raptor is 15 years. It is not given to under 15 years old tourists because there might be risk for them. Yamaha raptor is available for 30 minutes, one hour and two hours, it depends on the tourist’s choice how much they want to relish themselves.

Before you go on a riding a quad bike trip, we provide you with a complete quad bike kit in which you can be safe from any untoward incident. We also provide you with first aid medical assistance in case of any untoward incident.

 A huge discount for large group tourists is available which might not be everlasting. So, hurry up and start riding in desert. Pick and drop facility is also available. Our guide will be with you, he will guide you if you need any kind of help in desert. So come to UAE desert and enjoy the real meaning of life. This is especially for thrill and adventure lovers.

Quad Bike Rental Tour Dubai

Quad Biking

150 AED /In-Circle Double Seat Quad Bike for 30 Minutes

Quad Biking Dubai

350 AED /Open Desert Double Seat Quad Bike for 30 Minutes

ATV Dubai

200 AED /In-Circle Double Seat Quad Bike for 30 Minutes

ATV Rental

250 AED /Open Desert Single Seat Quad Bike for 30 Minutes


100 AED /In-Circle Single Seat Quad Bike for 30 Minutes

Quad Bike Rental

350 AED /Open Desert Double Seat Quad Bike for 30 Minutes

Quad Bike Rental Dubai

350 AED /- Open Desert Double Seat Quad Bike for 30 Minutes

ATV Rental Dubai

100 AED /- In-Circle Single Seat Quad Bike for 30 Minutes

Holidays Discount for Quad Biking Dubai

Looking for an incredible Dubai holiday experience with a double-seat quad biking adventure? Look no further! Our Dubai Holidays Discount Package offers an unbeatable deal for those seeking thrilling desert exploration. Contact us on WhatsApp to get special discounts on our Desert Quad Biking packages.

This package includes a range of exciting activities, with the highlight being double-seat quad biking through the mesmerizing Dubai desert. You and your companion can conquer the dunes and soak in the breathtaking landscape.

This discounted package is designed to make your Dubai vacation unforgettable without breaking the bank. Don’t miss this opportunity to create lasting memories while enjoying the best of the desert and city. Book now and prepare for an adventure packed, budget friendly holiday in Dubai!

Things To Do in Dubai

Dubai is an amazing city in the United Arab Emirates with lots of fun things to do. Begin at Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, for incredible top views. In addition, if you love shopping, there are fancy malls like the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates.

For a taste of the local culture, check out the busy spice and gold markets. And don’t forget to go on a desert adventure where you can ride in the sand dunes, ride camels, quad biking and see beautiful desert sunsets. Dubai also has beautiful beaches, amazing food, indoor skiing at Ski Dubai, and lots of cultural events and festivals all year round.

1. Desert Quad Biking Dubai

Desert quad biking in Dubai is super exciting! You get to ride a powerful four-wheeled bike in the desert and zoom over the sandy hills. Moreover, it’s like a thrilling roller coaster on the sand. Don’t worry if you’re new to this; our experienced instructors will help you have a safe and fun time. Plus, you’ll see amazing desert views, feel the calmness of the sandy dunes, and take cool pictures in the golden sand.

Desert quad biking in Dubai is an unforgettable outdoor activity that combines the thrill of adventure with the beauty of the desert landscape, making it a must-do experience for anyone visiting this city.

2. Desert Safari Dubai with Quad Biking

Going on a desert safari in Dubai is like going on an exciting adventure in the desert. You get to see the amazing desert landscapes in the United Arab Emirates. And what’s the best part? You can make it even more enjoyable by trying quad biking!

The desert safari typically begins with a thrilling dune bashing ride. You’ll board a 4×4 vehicle. Our expert driver will take you on a rollercoaster-like journey over the golden sand dunes. It’s an adrenaline-pumping ride through steep dunes with picturesque desert views.

After the dune bashing adventure, you’ll have the opportunity to hop on a quad bike. These powerful four-wheeled machines are designed for off-roading. You’ll receive a briefing from our expert trainer on how to operate them safely. Then, it’s time to explore the desert on your quad bike, riding over the dunes and enjoying the freedom and excitement of off-road biking.

3. Desert Camel Tour with Quad Biking Dubai

A desert camel tour with quad biking in Dubai combines traditional and modern desert experiences. As part of this tour, you’ll begin with a leisurely camel ride through the mesmerizing desert landscape, giving you a taste of the ancient mode of desert transportation. Additionally, it’s a chance to embrace the peaceful rhythm of these majestic animals and take in the serene surroundings.

After riding camels in the desert, the fun continues when you switch to a quad bike. It’s like going from a slow, calm ride to a fast and exciting one on the sandy dunes. This mix of camel and quad biking lets you see the desert in two different ways. First, you can relax on a camel and enjoy the quiet desert. Then, you can feel the thrill of riding a fast quad bike. It’s a cool way to experience both the old and new sides of the desert in Dubai. Further, it’s a memorable way to explore Dubai’s desert heritage and its thrilling outdoor activities in one unforgettable experience

Best Timing for Quad Biking Dubai

The best timing for quad biking in Dubai largely depends on your personal preferences and the weather conditions. Here are some options to help you choose the ideal time for your quad biking adventure:

 1. Morning Sunrise Timing

Many people love to go quad biking in the early morning in Dubai to see the beautiful desert sunrise. It’s a popular choice. In the morning, the weather is cooler. The desert is peaceful, and the soft morning light makes everything look like a picture. Moreover, when the sun starts to rise and shine on the sand dunes, it’s an incredible sight that you’ll remember forever.

Plus, starting your day with quad biking is a fun and exciting way to begin your Dubai adventure. If you want to experience the beauty of nature and get an adrenaline rush, consider going quad-biking in the early morning. Watching the sunrise adds to the fantastic experience.

 2. Sunset Timing

In the late afternoon, the desert looks really special because of how the sun shines on it. It creates long shadows and a beautiful golden color on the sand dunes, which makes it perfect for adventurers and people who love taking pictures.

Riding a quad bike at sunset is super exciting and perfect for capturing amazing desert pictures. It doesn’t matter if you’re alone, with friends, or with your family; this time of day is just right for quad biking.

The sun also makes the desert feel peaceful and calm in the late afternoon. It’s a great choice if you want to enjoy the quietness of the desert while having an adventurous experience. Moreover, this sunset time is a perfect mix of nature and fun. It will give you memories you’ll always treasure from your quad biking adventure in Dubai.

3. In Winter Afternoon Time

It is a delightful experience to explore the Dubai desert on a quad bike during the winter afternoon that offer unique advantages. Dubai’s winters are known for their pleasant and mild temperatures. In the afternoon, you can expect comfortably cool weather. This makes your quad biking adventure enjoyable without the intense heat of the summer months.

Additionally, the winter afternoon sunlight bathes the desert in a warm, golden glow. This provides stunning lighting conditions for capturing beautiful photographs and enjoying the picturesque desert scenery. With longer daylight hours in the winter, you can make the most of your quad biking adventure. Also explore the desert landscape at a relaxed pace, taking in the breathtaking views, and relishing the thrill of the ride.

The cooler temperatures make quad biking even more comfortable and enjoyable. This allows you to experience the desert’s beauty without the need to combat excessive heat. Moreover, in the winter afternoons in Dubai, you can go quad biking. If you’re lucky with timing, you might see a beautiful desert sunset as the sun goes down behind the sand dunes. It’s a magical experience you won’t forget. Whether you love adventures or capturing pictures, going quad biking in the winter afternoon is perfect. It’s ideal for creating lasting memories in the desert

Desert Quad Biking Dubai Availability

We offer our quad biking adventures in Dubai daily, allowing visitors the flexibility to choose a time that suits their schedule. Whether you’re a morning person, prefer the enchantment of a desert sunset, or fancy the milder winter afternoons, there’s an option for everyone.

Our morning tours usually kick off early, around sunrise, offering a cooler and tranquil start to the day. It’s an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy the serene desert and the fresh morning air.

Additionally, evening tours are designed to coincide with the breathtaking desert sunset, evening tours begin later in the day, creating a magical atmosphere as the sun sets. Moreover, our winter afternoon tours provide a comfortable and extended double-seat quad biking experience during the cooler months, with the pleasant winter afternoon weather enhancing the adventure.

The daily availability and varied timing options ensure that quad biking enthusiasts can find the perfect spot to embark on their desert adventure, making it a convenient and accessible activity for all.

Quad Biking Dubai Tour Timing

The timing for our quad biking in Dubai is generally set from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, providing a wide window of opportunity for families to enjoy this thrilling adventure. It’s worth noting that these timings may vary depending on the season, weather conditions, and other factors, but any changes will be communicated to you at the time of booking.

Starting the day at 7:00 AM allows families to beat the heat and enjoy the cooler morning temperatures in the desert. This early timing also provides a great opportunity to witness the desert landscape as it comes to life with the soft morning light. Conversely, those who prefer a more leisurely experience can opt for afternoon rides, taking in the stunning desert sunset.

Quad Biking Tour Availability

We offer ATVs (Quad biking) daily, ensuring that families have the flexibility to plan their desert safari experience at their convenience. Whether you’re visiting Dubai during the week or on the weekend, you can count on the availability of this exciting activity every day. This daily availability means that you can easily incorporate quad biking into your travel itinerary, allowing you to explore the mesmerizing desert landscape and create lasting memories with your family on any day that suits you. Moreover, it’s a fantastic way to add a dose of adventure and cultural exploration to your Dubai visit while ensuring that you can enjoy the experience whenever it fits your schedule.

Quad Biking Dubai Location

Our quad biking adventures take place in the captivating Al Lahbab Desert, specifically amidst the iconic Red Dunes. It is located just outside Dubai. The Al Lahbab Desert is renowned for its stunning red sand dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see. Moreover, these unique dunes offer a picturesque and thrilling terrain for quad biking.

It is a captivating natural wonder in the vicinity of Dubai. These distinctive red dunes, characterized by their striking color and varying heights, create an ideal playground for quad-biking enthusiasts.

Additionally, it is located away from the city’s hustle and bustle, the Al Lahbab Desert provides a serene and picturesque backdrop for the adventure. As you rev up your quad bike, you’ll have the opportunity to explore these enchanting dunes, navigate the sandy slopes, and immerse yourself in the unique beauty of the desert landscape. This makes it an unforgettable experience in the heart of this remarkable natural setting.

The Red Dunes are famous for their fiery red-orange hues, especially during sunrise and sunset. They create a breathtaking backdrop for your desert adventure. Moreover, navigating these dunes on a quad bike provides an exhilarating experience. The desert’s serene beauty will leave you in awe.

This location is carefully chosen to provide you with the best possible desert quad biking experience in Dubai. This ensures a perfect blend of natural splendor as well as adventure.

Quad Biking Dubai Booking Information

Quad Biking Tour Payment Method

We offer you the flexibility to choose your preferred payment method for added convenience. When our driver arrives for your pickup, you can opt for the ease of paying in cash. Additionally, we provide the option for secure card and online payments, ensuring a hassle-free transaction process.

Please note that while we accept various payment methods, including cash, bank transfers, and ATM cards, there is a nominal 5% service charge applied to online payments made via bank transfers and ATM cards. We believe in transparency and want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the payment options available to you, allowing you to select the one that best suits your preferences and needs.

Dubai Quad Biking Tour Booking

Experience all of our featured tours at exclusive discounted rates, complemented by our exceptional 24/7 customer service. Contacting us is a breeze – you can reach out via WhatsApp or email using the provided links on our “Contact Us” page. Our convenient pick-up and drop-off services are available in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman for your added ease. To get started, simply complete the user-friendly form on our website, or reach out to us via the email address and WhatsApp number thoughtfully provided on our page. We’re here to make your adventure in Dubai’s desert as smooth and memorable as possible.

Quad Bike Tour Booking Requirement:

To ensure a seamless booking confirmation process, we kindly request the following details:
  • Your full name
  • Name of your hotel for pick-up and drop-off
  • Your UAE-based mobile number.
If you don’t have a local UAE mobile number, you can provide us with your frequently used WhatsApp number. In the rare event that neither of these options is available, you can share your hotel room number, allowing our driver to contact you via your hotel’s reception. Staying connected is crucial. It enables us to keep you informed about any tour adjustments due to unforeseen circumstances or weather changes. Moreover, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and open communication ensures a memorable and worry-free experience.

Quad Biking Tour Pick and Drop Service

For added convenience, we offer a pick-up and drop-off service for our quad biking Dubai adventures. This service is available upon request, providing you with flexibility in planning your desert safari experience.

If you choose to use our pick-up and drop-off service, our designated transportation will pick you and your family up from your preferred location in Dubai such as a hotel, and take you to the quad biking site. After the adventure, you will be safely transported back to your hotel.

This service eliminates the need to worry about transportation logistics, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for you and your family. Simply let us know your pick-up location when making your booking, and we’ll make the necessary arrangements to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable quad biking adventure in the Dubai desert.

Quad Biking Dubai Tour Additional information

1. Safety

We always prioritize your safety. That’s why we provide a range of safety measures to guarantee a secure adventure. Our safety precautions include equipping your child with a safety helmet and goggles, shielding them from potential hazards, and ensuring their eyes and head are safeguarded throughout the ride. Additionally, our dedicated team of instructors is highly trained to ensure that our guest are well-prepared and supervised throughout the experience.

We take pride in our safety-first approach, enabling your child to revel in the thrill of quad biking in Dubai’s desert while you have peace of mind, knowing that their safety is our top priority.

2. Photography

Capture the magic of your quad biking adventure in Dubai with our photography services. Our skilled photographers are experts at preserving those special moments as your child embarks on an unforgettable desert journey.

Our photographers capture cherished memories, from action shots of your child conquering sand dunes to candid moments of their excitement. Let us handle the photography, so you can focus on enjoying the adventure alongside your child. At the end of the experience, you’ll have the option to purchase these professionally captured memories, allowing you to relive the joy and thrill of the quad biking adventure for years to come. Leave no memory behind – trust us to capture them all.

3. Clothes and Shoes

Choosing the right clothes and shoes is essential to ensure comfort and safety during your desert experience.

Clothes: We recommend wearing lightweight, breathable clothing suitable for outdoor activities. Loose-fitting attire will keep you comfortable in the desert’s warm climate. Long sleeves and long pants are advisable to protect against the sun and potential contact with sand. Further, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to exposed skin for added protection.

Shoes: Opt for closed-toe, comfortable shoes with good traction. Sneakers or sports shoes are ideal as they provide stability and support for quad biking. Avoid open-toed shoes, sandals, or flip-flops, which may not offer adequate protection and support in the desert terrain.

4. Not Recommended

There are certain behaviors and items we do not recommend

A. Inadequate Clothing: It is not recommended to wear clothing that is not suitable for the desert environment, such as heavy or restrictive attire. Because it can lead to discomfort and limit mobility during the adventure.

B. Valuables: It’s best not to bring valuable items like expensive jewelry, large sums of money, or valuable electronics. Moreover, they may be subject to damage in the desert environment.

C. Excessive Baggage: We prohibit the bringing of large bags, suitcases, or excessive baggage, as they can be cumbersome and may not find accommodation during the quad biking experience.

D. High Heels or Open-Toed Shoes: Wearing high heels or open-toed shoes like sandals or flip-flops is not advisable for safety reasons. They may not provide adequate protection and support on desert terrain.

5. Large Group

For larger groups seeking a thrilling quad biking experience in Dubai, we offer special discounts and packages tailored to fulfill your needs. We understand that traveling with a large group, whether it’s friends, family, or colleagues, is a fantastic way to create shared memories and enjoy unique adventures together.

We design group discounts to make the quad biking adventure even more accessible and affordable for everyone. Whether you’re planning a family reunion, a corporate team-building outing, or a celebration with friends, our team can assist you in customizing your quad biking experience to suit your group’s size and preferences.

By choosing our group packages, you not only enjoy the excitement of quad biking but also benefit from cost savings, ensuring that everyone in your group can participate and have an unforgettable time exploring the beautiful desert landscapes of Dubai.

6. What to bring for ATVs Tour

    1.  Bring Emirates ID if you are UAE Resident, and Passport if you are on Tourist Visa.
    2. Comfortable shoes
    3. Sunglasses
    4. Sun hat
    5. Camera

To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable quad biking experience in Dubai, here is a list of items you should consider bringing with you:

Identification: For UAE residents, please remember to bring your Emirates ID. If you’re visiting on a tourist visa, have your passport handy for identification purposes.

Comfortable Shoes: Wear comfortable and closed-toe shoes that provide good support for your feet during the quad biking adventure.

Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the desert sun and blowing sand by wearing sunglasses with UV protection.

Sun Hat: A wide-brimmed hat can provide additional protection from the sun and keep you cool during the desert adventure.

Camera: Don’t forget your camera or smartphone to capture the breathtaking desert landscapes and enjoy the quad biking experience.

7. Not allowed

For the safety and comfort of all participants in our quad biking adventures in Dubai, we have certain restrictions on what is not allowed during the experience:

Pets: For the well-being of your furry friends and the consideration of other participants, please avoid bringing pets to the quad biking site. The desert environment may not be suitable for animals. It’s important to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Luggage or Large Bags: Large bags and luggage are not permitted during the quad biking adventure. It’s advisable to leave such items at your accommodation or arrange for secure storage if necessary. Moreover, this policy helps ensure the safety of participants and prevents any potential interference with the quad biking experience.

8. Steps to Reduce The Risks of Accidents and Injuries

To ensure the safety of our young riders during quad biking, we follow a set of crucial steps to reduce the risks of accidents and injuries:

Maintain Safe Speeds: Our instructors emphasize the importance of riding at safe and controlled speeds. Children are encouraged to follow speed guidelines to prevent accidents while still enjoying the thrill of the ride.

Wearing Safety Equipment: Every child is provided with essential safety equipment, including helmets and goggles. Moreover, we insist on their proper use to protect against potential injuries.

Be Attentive: Instructors stress the need for constant attentiveness. We teach you to maintain focus on the terrain, follow instructions, and stay aware of their surroundings

Caution around Dunes: Riding around sand dunes requires specific skills and caution. So, we provide guidance to children on how to navigate dunes safely to prevent mishaps.

9. Currency Accepted

We accept various currencies for your convenience when booking our quad biking Dubai trip. The accepted currencies include:

    1. US Dollar (Dollar)
    2. United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)
    3. Euro (Euro)
    4. British Pound (Pound)
    5. Saudi Riyal (Riyal)

This flexibility allows you to pay using your preferred currency, making the booking process more convenient for visitors from different parts of the world. Please note that exchange rates may apply when using currencies other than the United Arab Emirates Dirham (ASD). So it’s a good idea to check with our booking service for the most up-to-date information on currency conversion and payment options.

Quad Biking Dubai Tour Cancellation Policy

  • Cancel up to 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund, except (transfer charges will apply).
  • Cancellation less than 24 hours in advance or no show will be 100% charged.
  • The refund amount will be credited back to the same card used for booking
  • In the event of poor weather conditions or other external factors out of our reasonable control, the activity/tour may be canceled at short notice, without any charges being applied to the guest. In such cases, the tour/activity can be re-scheduled or a full refund will be processed.
  • The refund might take 7 to 14 days to reflect in your account, depending on the bank’s policy.

Quad Biking Dubai FAQs

Riders typically need to be at least 16 years old to drive a quad bike. However, age restrictions might vary based on the tour provider’s policies and the specific tour package
No prior experience is necessary. Most tour operators in Dubai offer comprehensive safety briefings and basic training sessions before the ride to ensure participants understand how to operate the quad bikes safely.
It’s recommended to wear comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor activities, such as long pants and a T-shirt. Closed-toe shoes or sneakers are advisable for foot protection. Additionally, sunglasses and sunscreen are essential to shield against the sun’s glare and UV rays. Helmets and safety gear are provided by the tour operators.
In general, tour operators provide quad bikes as part of the package. Bringing personal quad bikes might not be allowed due to insurance and safety regulations.
Some tour operators might have weight restrictions for safety reasons, ensuring the proper functioning of the quad bikes and the safety of the riders. Also, it’s advisable to check with the specific tour operator for their weight limit policies.
Yes, Dubai offers diverse terrains for quad biking adventures. Most notably, quad biking tours explore the stunning desert landscapes and dunes, providing an exhilarating off-road experience.

Yes, most tour operators offer the option for individuals to ride as passengers with experienced drivers who handle the quad bikes. This is a great choice for those who prefer not to drive themselves.

For safety reasons, pregnant women and individuals with certain health conditions such as back problems, heart conditions, or recent surgeries, are generally advised against participating in quad biking activities.
Before the ride, participants are given safety briefings and guidelines on how to operate the quad bikes safely. Following the instructions provided during the briefing, wearing the provided safety gear (including helmets), and staying within designated routes are crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience.
Yes, it’s highly recommended to book quad biking tours in advance, particularly during peak tourist seasons, to secure a spot and ensure availability on the preferred date and time.
Some tour packages may include refreshments as part of the experience. However, it’s advisable to confirm with the tour operator whether refreshments are included or available for purchase during the tour.
Some tour operators offer family-friendly quad biking tours, providing appropriately sized quad bikes and implementing safety measures suitable for children. However, there might be age and height restrictions for children, so it’s essential to check with the tour operator regarding their policies.
It’s crucial to follow the instructions of the tour guide or instructor at all times. Respecting the environment and adhering to designated paths or trails are important to ensure safety and environmental conservation.
Each tour operator has its own cancellation and refund policies. Participants should review these policies before booking to understand the terms related to cancellations, changes, and refunds in case unforeseen circumstances arise. Feel free to use this detailed set of FAQs and answers for quad biking in Dubai, ensuring to adapt or add information based on the specific details provided by the quad biking tour operator.