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ATV Rental Dubai Tour in Red Dune Book 1 Hour ATVs Rental Dubai ,Sharjah and Ajman with Best Price

ATV Rental

250 AED /Open Desert Single Seat Quad Bike for 30 Minutes

ATVs / Quad Bike Rental - Short Info:

Dubai is known for its sightseeing and entertainment. You can come here in all four seasons of the year. You can play many different activities in Dubai and get a lot of entertainment. But desert safari is one of the famous activities among them. So, whenever you come to Dubai, don’t forget the Dubai desert safari.

With its artificial beauty, Dubai is also known for its beautiful desert. The Dubai desert tour is very stunning and charming.

We offer you a very enjoyable tour of the desert. On this tour, you can get a closer look at the beauty of the desert. We provide ATV Rental on this trip, making your journey stunning, amazing, and memorable. And you’ll have a great time doing it.

ATVs Rental

Dubai is one of the best places in the world where you can go sightseeing and entertainment at any time of the year with your friends and relatives. Whenever you come to Dubai, never forget that the best place for sightseeing in Dubai is the desert of Dubai. Where we provide you a tour, with a lot of facilities. Our Desert Safari has been designed with a variety of activities for the consumer to enjoy.

In this amazing desert of Dubai. Riding an ATV in the desert is an exciting and adventurous experience in itself. We provide well-maintained ATV bikes of the highest quality.

ATVs are the best vehicles for driving in the desert. Drive an ATV in the desert and have a great time exploring the desert’s splendor. You can also do ATVs rental racing in the desert with your friends. Drive the ATV on the red dunes of the Arabian desert and get a lot of fun and adventure.

ATV Dubai Tour

The best time to visit the beautiful desert of Dubai is at morning sunrise and evening sunset.

Morning Sunrise Desert Tour

Enjoy the beauty of the sunrise in the Arabian Desert. It’s a different kind of fun at sunrise time. When the cool morning breeze air blows in the desert, and the cool morning air makes a sand wave, above the red dunes of the desert. After all, when the dewdrops fall on them over the desert and when the rays of sunlight hit them, you feel as if the whole desert is full of pearls. So, on this tour, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of natural in the desert much more.

Evening Sunset Desert Tour

Another great time to see and enjoy the desert of Dubai is at sunset time. When the red lights of the sun fall on the sands of the desert, it seems to you that the desert is full of gold and you can feel like you drive an ATV on the beautiful gold dunes of the desert.

At this time, you can take very beautiful pictures with your friends and family. And these pictures make your visit a memorable one.

ATVs for kids

We have different types of ATVs. According to its engine CC and company. In which you can rent an ATV of your own choice. Don’t worry if you come for a driving an ATVs in the desert with your kids. So, we have special ATVs for the kids, and there are special places for them, where they can drive ATVs for more fun.

Now book a tour with us in Dubai today and make your Dubai trip more beautiful and memorable.

Quad Bike Trip - More Info:

Before you go on a riding a Quad bike / ATVs trip, we provide you with a complete quad bike / ATVs kit in which you can be safe from any untoward incident.
We also provide you with first aid medical assistance in case of any untoward incident.
If you don’t know how to drive a Quad bike / ATVs rental Dubai don’t worry. We have experienced riders who will teach you how to drive it.

We provide you with two types of ATV / Quad bike riding incircle and out of the circle.
In-circle means a specific area with a border in which you can ride ATV / Quad bike. Out-of-circle means in Open Desert on red dunes where you can enjoy a lot. This is especially for thrill and adventure lovers.
So today made this Dubai trip a memorable one and travel with us in the desert on ATVs / Quad bikes, capture wonderful pictures with it.

We strictly follow Covid-19 protocols with all safety protocols. You are required to bring and wear a mask. We frequently cleaned all areas that customers touch. Our clients follow protocol with them throughout the tour.

  • Quad Bike Riding
  • Dune Buggy Riding
  • Camel Riding
  • Horse Riding
  • Falcon Photography
  • Children under 3 years
  • Pregnant Women
  • People with Back Problems
  • People with Heart Problems
  • Wheelchair Users

Pick and drop facility is available. We also take care of our customers’ needs and desires. We also provide transport facilities according to the number of passengers, for example, minibuses. Luxury cars are also available if you need them.

  • The 4*4 shared transfers are included from the hotel.
  • The 4*4 private transfers are included from the hotel.
  • The shared bus transfers will be booked from the pick-up point in Dubai – Sharjah – Ajman.
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Contact us and enjoy the red dunes of the UAE desert with ATVs / Quad Bike and Dune Buggy riding.

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