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Desert Safari Dubai Outfit

Desert Safari Dubai Outfit- What to Wear on Desert Safari Tour

Choosing the Right Outfits for Desert Safari in Dubai

The famous desert safaris of Dubai, a city of modern marvels within the Arabian Desert provide a lifelong experience. However, when heading for this exciting journey, choosing the right Desert Safari Outfit attire could greatly improve your experience. The desert safari in Dubai is irresistible and adventurous into the mystic dunes.

It is so amazingly thrilling to explore Dubai’s desert on a safari. Riding camels, admiring beautiful sunsets, and having a fabulous time on fun-packed sand adventures. However, make the right choice of clothing. Choosing comfy and practical outfits is especially important in the desert, where the weather can be super hot during the day and chilly at night. Prepare yourself for the aesthetic and adventure of the desert, however, ensure that you dress appropriately and in fashion for the trip!

Dress Wisely: Understanding the Desert Climate

Dubai has a desert climate with hot days and cooler nights. This implies that during the day, temperatures can be very hot, at times reaching even 100°F (38°C) and then fall drastically at night. More so, the desert terrain makes sand blows and dust storms common as wind storms. Thus, these climate nuances require an ideal outfit.

Essentials of Clothing for a Desert Safari

Light and Loose-Fitting Clothes:

Go for the breathable and lose fit dressing which has a circulation of air that keeps you cool during this hot season. Lighter fabrics such as cotton and linen, for instance, can absorb sweat and promote evaporation, which is important in helping to avoid discomfort.

Long-sleeved Shirts and Pants:

Long-sleeved shirts and pants provide protection from the harmful rays of the sun and save people from sunburn even though it is quite hot. Preferably, light and breathable fabrics like cotton or moisture-wicking materials.

Scarves or Shemaghs:

A scarf or shemagh (the traditional Arabian headscarf) has different functions. It protects your face and neck from the sun and blowing sand and also provides a layer of protection during cool evenings.

Closed-toe Shoes:

Closed-toe shoes should be comfortable and can be sneakers or hiking sandals. They also prevent your feet from hurting themselves from hot sand, thorns, and rocks. Sandals are not advised as the dust may get inside one’s feet and become a source of annoyance.

Hat and Sunglasses:

Wearing a wide-brimmed hat reduces sun exposure for your face and neck. The polarized sunglasses that are UV protected protect your eyes from the intense glare and the blowing sand.

Dubai Desert Safari Dress Code

Regardless of the weather, one should wear comfortable clothing and do away with possible hazards to ailments from the extreme weather remains essential. The latter is also as important as respecting the local norms.

    1. These guidelines should ensure a comfortable and safe desert safari experience, just by following them.
    2. It is quite hot during the day and lightweight fabrics are best. Instead, wear breathable cotton, or linen over synthetic.
    3. In the evening the temperature may suddenly drop, thus, it is necessary to have a sweater or jacket.
    4. Therefore, long sleeves and pants are recommended to keep away from the sun and desert creatures.
    5. Wear at least mid-thigh length shorts or pants. They do not appreciate you having shorts that expose your bottom.
    6. As for women, they should avoid wearing dresses with lots of cleavage. They should be sleeveless but not skimpy.
    7. However, women should avoid short skirts because the majority of meals are eaten on the floor and can seem uncomfortable, especially with the breeze.
    8. You will be walking a lot, thus closed-toe shoes are necessary.
    9. Covering your head with a hat or a scarf can help to keep your head cool.
    10. It is important to include sunscreen and sunglasses in your luggage as they are important in protecting your skin and eyes.

Seasonal Dressing for the Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari Clothing in Winter

Ideally, you should go for your desert safari in winter. November to February is cooler, especially in the dry season after sunset and before dawn. Therefore, you should dress in layers so that it is easier for you to remove layers once the sun is out. A pair of long jeans with Cardigans or Jumpers will do. Remember to take a snug hat with earflaps or ear muffs because of the cool breeze. One should also carry a scarf or pashmina shawl. It is advisable to travel with lip balms and creams to avoid dry skin.

Desert Safari Clothing in Spring

At this time, the weather is quite favorable and conducive. Instead, one can forego layering and wear casual attire in these months. Also, remember to have a jacket because the temperatures drop during the night.

Desert Safari Clothing in Summer

The temperature is sweltering from April until it becomes humid in September. Surviving the summer in Dubai requires comfortable and breathable material. Although the temperature might go down a little bit in the night, one is encouraged to wear loose clothing. T-shirts and pants can be replaced with cotton tights, bombers, and sweatshirts. And make sure you don’t forget the sunscreen, particularly during these months.

Desert Safari Clothing in Autumn

In late September to early November, the heat usually decreases, but one can still wear light clothes to endure until winter comes.

Smart Outfit Ideas: How to Style your Desert Safari Outfit

Choose Neutral Colors:

The best choices for a desert safari outfit would be neutral colors like beige, khaki, and olive green. They are camouflaged and reflect light, enabling them to blend with their environment and cool you down.

Layer Your Clothing:

Adapting to the ever-changing temperatures in the desert can be quite difficult to be accommodating. You can consider wearing layers of clothing to solve this problem. A lightweight jacket or scarf may help you change your outfit as to the temperature changes, without adding extra pounds to you. Hence, remember to pack these essential layering pieces for your comfort during the desert safari adventure.

Accessorize Wisely:

It is important to keep accessories on a minimal. Simple and practical pieces such as crossbody and belt bags can be used to ensure you always have your essentials nearby. Do not wear any jewelry or other flashy things that could get in the way or bring unwanted attention.

Go for practical and comfortable outfits:

First, your desert safari outfit should be practical and comfortable at all levels. Avoid tight clothes that restrict your movement or uncomfortable shoes that can cause blisters or pain in your feet. One should go for non-restrictive garments that are made of breathable, feathery light materials that allow a full range of movement.

Follow Local Customs and Traditions:

It is also vital to be aware of and respect local customs while in a foreign country. It entails dressing according to the cultural sensitivities and dress codes of the country or region you are visiting. Women, in particular, are often advised to dress modestly.

To help you put together a chic and comfy look for the next desert safari trip, below are styling tricks you can use.

Desert Safari Outfit Ideas for Different Activities in Dubai

Desert Safari with Camel Riding

To respect the local culture modestly recommended for camel riding. An open long-sleeved shirt is good with loose trousers or a long skirt. Put on a scarf or shawl to cover your head and shoulders. Finish the outfit with comfortable shoes or boots.

Desert Safari with Dune Bashing or Sand Boarding

Therefore, when doing activities like dune bashing or sand boarding, wearing appropriate and comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement is best. Such clothing should be a T-shirt or a tank top accompanied by lightweight and breathable shorts or pants. Consider layering a light jacket or scarf, and round out the outfit with sturdy closed-toe shoes or boots.

Desert Hiking

The right footwear is also crucial in cases of desert hiking that is able to withstand rocky terrains. Closed-toe shoes or boots cannot be avoided. Go for lighter and airy clothes made from natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. Put on your clothes and change them as the need arises. Ensure you have a hat or a cap and a pair of sunglasses with you against the sun.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

When going for an evening desert safari, put on several layers of clothes that are suitable for lowering temperatures. A light long-sleeved shirt or blouse, combined with loose pants or a maxi skirt is great. Include a warm, wrap or stole to your apparel during an evening desert safari. You will also need to choose a pair of closed-toe shoes or sandals that will withstand the rugged landscape.

Therefore, selecting the best clothing appropriate for each activity will ensure that you enjoy and dress fashionably during your desert safari. Ensure to carry all the necessary items and observe local customs and traditions. Adhere to these tips and you will have the best time during your desert safari expedition.

Things you should not wear on a Dubai Desert Safari

One can also have a feel of the vastness of the landscapes through a desert safari, from the high dunes to the endless coastal stretches. Nevertheless, there are a few aspects to totally avoid when doing a desert safari.

  1. Tight body-hugging clothing
  2. Exposing your head to the sun.
  3. Dark colors or heavy fabrics that will soak in the sun’s rays.
  4. Baggy clothing, because they could catch on things and in the wind.
  5. Walking in the sand in high heels or unsuitable footwear, for instance.

Wrapping Up

However, it is important to select appropriate clothing that offers comfort, and protection from the heat and humidity and is culturally acceptable while preparing for a desert safari in Dubai. Breathable fabrics, dressing up exposed skin, and using sun protection gear accessories will help you have a pleasurable and comfortable time amid the amazing desert beauty.

Furthermore, note that it is not just about dressing comfortably, but it will also improve the experience of the whole desert safari tour.

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